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Dream Weaver

Posted on August 3rd, 2020 by Don Cerow

      Aside from the creation myths we’ve been looking at over the last few weeks, much of our celestial focus of late has been on the Capricorn stellium and the political developments they have yielded. Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn have been grinding down the system, both with the virus and the political in-fighting that has been at work. George Floyd has kicked the Black Lives Matter movement into high gear, and cities throughout the country and the world have metaphorically caught fire. In a response to this, coming soon is a new WEBSite entitled ““. It should be up by tomorrow.

      Thursday evening we did a session with The Ones to take a look at the world at large, and here are a few of the notes from that rendezvous.

      While many people are still holding onto their fears during this time, know that confidence in an ability to live is a huge healing factor, of taking pride in life. Some of the advantages during this period of isolation are that we have had more time to get things done, that we can flow with time more easily. Schedules and timetables have less weight when working from home. Trust that your body knows what to do. Being discouraged or fearful causes the body and the immune system to wilt.

      Because we are continuing to wear masks we are losing a great deal of facial communication with others. Smiles just don’t cut the mustard while hidden. But what we are left with is learning how to communicate with the eyes, and we are told the eyes are a direct link to the soul. Because of the face masks we are beginning to learn to communicate more on a soul-to-soul, eye-to-eye level. It’s a slow process, but it has begun.

      Another significant celestial factor is that Neptune is currently in its rulership in Pisces, giving it a greater power on the subliminal level. Whales are finding their ocean environment cleaned up and quieted down. They can sing their songs over a wider area. Peg and The Ones didn’t know this (at least I don’t think they knew it from an astrological point of view), but during the reading they suggested that there is a much greater degree of activity and nocturnal modification. We don’t remember it when we wake up, but we are all making a contribution. We are being worked on by our spirit guides. I asked if there was anything that we could do to help facilitate the process. Except for giving permission while we are awake to these dreamer selves, they know what to do and how to do it. With all that is going on in the world right now the vibratory rate is picking up (this is Pisces shifting into Aquarius) and we are being prepared to connect to the next level. 

      What can we do while on the conscious level?

      Avoid panic. Be ready to hunker down; making it through to the spring. Store up to three months (a season) worth of food.

      What kind of extreme weather will we have? This weather advice is for the local Western Massachusetts area. There will be high winds, together with the downed lines and power outages that go along with them. Pay special attention to sealing windows and doors. Stock up on reserve fuel resources. Snowfall will be normal for New England. 

                  MEMORY LANE

So many things to tell.

      I just returned from an eleven day visit to western Mass, part of my “Lock down, bust-out of Dodge” strategy. Hubbed with Peg. Spent an evening with Denise and her husband for supper when I first arrived. They live in an Eden paradise in Conway, both retired and busier than ever. Visited Debbie, my first girlfriend while in high school in Framingham (she lives in Shelburne Falls now). Taught two Zoom astrology classes a week apart, did five charts in three different states, one of which was in Brattleboro. While there I visited the spot where Gail and I first kissed between the two herbal classes she was teaching. Tended her grave twice, swam Ashfield Lake five days in a row (I slept in the RV, at Peg’s, Jimmy’s, the Lake, etc.), filled up water bottles from the artesian well close by and visited our old homestead. The people that bought it from Al have made it three times more beautiful than it was before (hard to believe, I know, but true). All kinds of fruit trees, sheep, chickens and crops. It was a joy to behold, lightly seasoned with salty tears. 

      Our spirits still walk those trails.

      It’s hard to believe it’s been over twenty years.

         Love and Learn,

            Blessings to All-


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