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Posted on November 23rd, 2017 by Don Cerow


      The eclipses in 2017 fourth and final eclipse is a very special one. Whenever the Moon covers the Sun, the narrow path of totality can be anywhere in the world — often traversing remote locations. But this year’s event is very close to home for many of us, because the 70-mile-wide path of totality stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic across the continental United States. The Moon’s full shadow hasn’t passed over any U.S. soil since 1991 (Hawaii) nor across any part of the contiguous 48 states since 1979. Moreover, a total solar eclipse hasn’t run coast to coast since 1918!

The 8,600-mile-long path of 2017′s total solar eclipse passes directly across the continental U.S. and offers up to 2.7 minutes of totality. Blue lines parallel to the dark track indicate the degree of partial eclipse to be seen elsewhere in the Americas. Red lines show Universal Times.

            Sky & Telescope diagram / source: Fred Espenak

The last of the eclipses in 2017′s event will be of modest duration, offering up to 2¾ minutes of totality. The path will cross parts of 14 states. It makes landfall along coast of north-central Oregon, where it will be mid-morning. Racing eastward at roughly 1 mile every 2 seconds, the lunar shadow cuts through central Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Missouri. (Totality lasts longest just south of Carbondale, Illinois.) The swath of darkness continues across Tennessee and South Carolina, exiting the mainland in mid-afternoon along the Atlantic coast northeast of Charleston. A tiny, inaccessible nub of southern Montana is in the path, as is a reachable spot on the southwestern corner of Iowa.

      Not all locations are equally likely to see totality. Canadian meteorologist Jay Anderson has taken a look at the chances for clear skies on eclipse day, based on cloud-cover statistics drawn from historical records. According to Anderson, your best weather bets would be a relatively remote stretch in north-central Oregon or a big swath through the U.S. heartland running from Nebraska to Tennessee.

Now if we focus on the ‘What does it all mean?’ department, we’ll tune into Alan Oken’s newsletter for this month which, in my opinion, has done a fine job of slicing and dicing the information.

Hello Everyone,

      This astrological month is very important because of the presence of two eclipses: a partial Lunar Eclipse that falls at 15.25 degrees of Aquarius/Leo and a Total Solar Eclipse that occurs at 28.53 degrees of Leo. (This will strongly impact Donald Trump, whose birth information is June 14, 1946, Jamaica, New York at 10.54am).  Due to space and time limitations, in this month’s edition of Celestial Happenings, I will be focusing my remarks on how these eclipses may affect all of us in general and in terms of Mr. Trump’s chart specifically…

The eclipse on August 21st is being called “The Great American Total Solar Eclipse” as it will create darkness in the skies along a great 70 mile-wide (113 kilometers) pathway stretching all the way from Oregon to South Carolina.  Within this land belt the eclipse will be seen as 100% total.  In Washington, DC this solar eclipse will be 85% and in New York City, 77% of its potential totality.  I am especially interested in this solar and its partner, the previous lunar eclipse as they fall so strongly in the horoscope of Mr. Trump (born in NYC) and of course (temporarily) living in Washington, DC.  As you can see the lunar eclipse of August 8, 2017 (at 15.25 Aquarius/Leo) makes a conjunction/opposition to his 12th house Pluto.  More markedly, the Total Solar Eclipse of August 23rd (at 28.53 Leo) falls rather exactly on his Ascendant/Mars conjunction and squares his IC/MC axis.

I believe that these events will mark a major crisis and turning point in both his presidency and in his life, one that could mark the beginning of the end of his tenure in the White House. If you take out your ephemeris for this year and look at the positions of Mercury between September 1-9, and Mars from August 26-September 4, you will see these two planets crossing the point of the eclipse and in the case of Mars, making a T-Square to Mr. Trump’s MC/IC axis.  These positions accentuate and intensify the effects of the Total Solar Eclipse and emphasize my suppositions about his life and presidency accordingly.  I would like to add that in the natal horoscope of the USA that I prefer to use, the USA Moon is at 27 degrees of Aquarius and is therefore conjoined Mr. Trump’s Descendant and in direct opposition to his natal Mars.  Thus the USA Moon is being eclipsed by Solar Opposition simultaneously to Mr. Trump’s Mars/Ascendant.  To me this indicates a personal war (Mars on the Leo Ascendant) with the people (Moon in Aquarius).  The squares to his MC/IC threaten his social position.  At the very least, I cannot imagine such a series of transits to pass without the man being under an enormous barrage of social opposition.  In addition, all of these transiting positions in Leo to his natal Leo Mars sets off “fires of vitality” that can mean an excessive release of anger and/or a level of personal combustibility that can be costly to one’s health.

(Alan Oken’s newsletter in its entirety; there’s a great more detail here.)

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