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Posted on August 2nd, 2016 by Don Cerow

As most WEBHeads out there know, this is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The boundary separating Pisces from Aquarius has already been crossed and a new vibration is at work, changing old patterns. Yet we are still in the infantile stages of this new epoch, and its tender young shoots are only just beginning to show themselves.

Aquarius is a FIXED AIR sign. These symbolic keys represent a whole new level from which we learn; about our past, present and future. All life becomes data which we can inspect and test, to better understand just how we are all impacted by the patterns at hand. 

Because this is an AIR sign, we can look to the past to the period of time when the Vernal Equinox, the point of Spring, was moving through the constellation Gemini, our MUTABLE AIR sign. The temperament of society at that time could provide clues as to how we might fare during Aquarius. While much of this is speculation, there is no way currently available to prove that any of the following is true. Nevertheless here are a few of the observations.

The images that bob to the surface during this time are (obviously) the sign of the Twins, our siblings, and the birds which fly through the sky (AIR) together with their eggs. It was a time for teaching, learning and developing the powers of the mind. From the Dogon, Norse, Hindu, Sumerian, Greek, Native American and Chinese traditions there are images of duality and the egg which bubble to the top. From the Dogon; Nommo, Norse; Odin splitting the Cosmic Egg in half; in Finland, of saying the same thing twice in slightly different ways in the Kalevala; Hindu, Vishnu sleeping on the back of a serpent contained within the Cosmic Egg; Sumerian, duality and couplets in their chants and prayers; Greek, the Twins, Castor and Polydeuces (many twos) with the caps they wore being the shell of the Egg from which they were born; Native American, the two-horned rattlesnakes of Moundville, AL (and many other two-horned serpent images), and Chinese; Pan Ku holding the Tao, the essence of duality while having been born from the Egg.

But in addition to and as a part of these dualistic images, I feel that mythology took a huge step forward as a form of storytelling. Mother Goose, flying her great swan, or of Zeus making love to Leda in the form of a Swan, the mother of our Cosmic Twins (to repeat, who wore the caps of the shell of the Egg on their heads from which they were born).

From “When the Dragon Wore the Crown“, p. 22,

[We turn to Philo of Byblos, a Phoenician who undertook to show that Greek myths were based on Phoenician sources. Although we have only fragments and titles of his works mentioned by numerous authors, theCosmogony of Philo remembered several Creation Myths that seemed to evoke our airy origin themes.

It is a world in which “troubled and windy air or a breath of wind and dark chaos” presides.

In those days, “the breathing air became enamoured of its own principles.”

We should not be surprised to learn that in was accompanied together with the Cosmic Egg.

According to another Phoenician cosmology by Eudemus.

“From the union of these two first principles were born Aer (air) and Aura (breath).” This couple then produced the Cosmic Egg. Duality is applied to ‘Air’ itself; rather than Twins, Twin Birds, Twin Eggs, or Twin Snakes, now we have Twin Airs, Air and Breath.

We are seeing variations on a theme born of the stars. In the 2nd century BC, Mochus stated that in the beginning was a double principle- Aether andAir. Then came the Wind and then the two winds “Lips, Notos… and the Egg.” ] end quote.

Additionally, this is when Yoga would have taken off as part of a world wide system spiritually, physically and mentally, with its focus on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath, together with all its many healing attributes that have derived from this basic discipline.

The power of our AIR sign as Aquarius will reach heights (sic) in the form of storms (the sub-constellational star grouping we are heading into is called ‘Lightning’ suggesting the unleashed of winds, storms and, well, lightning), learning and a world wide awareness. Stories of learning to develop a new city on Earth, one linking all aspects of humanity, is what Revelation alludes to in its images of a New Jerusalem on Earth coming out of heaven.

It’s been tried before. Reference Genesis 11 and The View over Atlantis by John Michell.

As the Aquarian vibrations begin to be struck, like striking the ‘A’ cords on the strings of a piano, all the other ‘A’ cords begin to resonate and vibrate in like fashion, except that they will be the other cords of the AIR element, of Gemini and Libra (which will bring civic responsibilities and social peace) together as one.

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