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Posted on March 1st, 2014 by Don Cerow

This spring, we will witness the manifestation of the Grand Cardinal Cross in dramatic fashion. People hear this term being bandied about by astrologers, without really knowing what it means. Indeed, even the astrologers do not fully understand what it will mean, but in general there’s a powerful combination that is getting ready to be released over an extended period, and like September 2001 or 2008, things will look very different on the other side of it.

First of all, the Grand Cardinal Cross is a transiting aspect. It is what is happening in the sky. Basically, there are four planets, each at relatively equal distances from each other, at four points around the circle. Each is falling in one of the cardinal signs of the zodiac, which is why it is called a Cardinal Cross. You could also have a Fixed Cross or a Mutable Cross, but in this case, you don’t. These planets are each at about 13 degrees of their respective signs. Dissected, a Grand Cross contains two oppositions or four squares. Because these planets move at different rates of speed, they form their exact alignments to each other at different times, but like individual firecrackers tied together on a string, they go off, one after the other, each an independent explosion linked to the next in a collective series of bangs.


     Now it’s one thing to have a combination like this going off in the sky (transits), but it’s a whole different matter when you happen to have a planet in your own chart at 13 degrees of one of the cardinal signs, because your planet becomes a lightning rod which ‘catches’ the power of all these hits and transmits it into your life in various ways.


How would you like a cup of 220-Volt Tea?


Well, it so happens that the United States of America has its Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer, a cardinal sign, and Saturn at 14 degrees of Libra, another cardinal sign. George W. Bush also had his Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer. As regular WEBHeads have heard, over and over again, the big three in anybody’s chart are the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant. So you not only have the exact alginments going on in the sky, but you also have the exact alignments that happening to, in this case, the US Sun. This is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to interpret precisely how it will manifest, because there are so many elements that are getting ready to fuse in one grand, theatric drama. Are you looking at Pluto opposing the US Sun, Uranus squaring the Sun, Uranus opposing Saturn, or what? Each of these have their own personality. Still, there are a few principles, and a way to begin to approach broad clumpings of activity like this. While not the entire list (there are others planets making other alignments, both pro and con as all this is going on), these are some of the dates upon which these alignments will be exact, and times during which we will be given clues as to how the rest of this drama will unfold.

Grand Cardinal Cross- USHere’s the short list:

Pluto opposing the Sun                      March 13th         4:05 AM

Pluto pivots SR                                    April 14th            7:47 PM
Uranus squares Sun                            April 16th            10:28 PM
Jupiter conjuncts Sun                        April 18th            5:24 PM
Mars conjuncts Saturn                       April 19th            6:00 PM
Jupiter squares Tr Uranus                 April 20th           3:29 AM
Jupiter opposes Tr Pluto                    April 20th           7:26 PM
Uranus square Tr Pluto                      April 21st            3:21 PM
Mars squares Tr Uranus                     April 23rd           3:08 AM
Mars squares Tr Pluto                         April 23rd           9:38 AM
Mars squares Sun                                 April 24th           4:33 AM
Jupiter squares Saturn                        April 29th           5:42 PM

Uranus opposes Saturn                        May 15th            5:25 PM
Pluto opposes Sun                                 May 18th            12:00 PM
Mars pivots SD                                       May 19th            9:31 PM

Mars square Sun                                    Jun 16th            5:50 AM
Mars conjunct Saturn                           June 21st            1:42 AM


You can see, when looking at the larger picture, why this is so difficult to judge. Nevertheless, here are some general themes.


The Sun in the US chart rules our international affairs and relationships. We are about to be challenged, our authority confronted, and the popularity of the president, a leader ruled by the Sun, will be severely undermined. It may be more than just his popularity. Many of the foundations upon which we’ve built our traditional strength are going to be sorely challenged. Pluto’s pivot on the 14th of April opens the real window of activity, through the end of that month, but especially through the 24th. This will be when these events are most clustered, and therefore most concentrated. It’s possible that this may be triggered by a natural disaster such as a storm, but I doubt it. Our fiscal system, the credit we extend and the resources upon which that credit is based, are getting ready to be hit. This could be a major cyber attack, or it could be Wall Street and/or the dollar beginning to crumble.


It may be all of the above.


One of the problems with the US chart is that we can tend to lash out blindly (Mars squaring Neptune natally). The Martial triggers on the 23rd and 24th of April are some of the most volatile. This is likely to represent when we are getting struck, or when we a striking back. The March and May dates may be part of the unfolding scenario, but, in and of themselves, they shouldn’t be collectively as strong.


One note of hope, however. On March 19th, just as all this tension is building to a head, there is a voice of reason, a voice of hope. Neptune, transiting through the US third house, is trining Jupiter in the 7th. This is a powerful alignment by outer planets which can help to guide our path. Someone from behind the scenes is laying out a plan, which if followed, could help us to not have things blow up in our faces. The trick will be in watching the timing, to see who is saying what at that point. This could be the pope (Neptune), it could be Jimmy Carter (a old naval officer), or it could be the deceased spirit of Nelson Mandella, Gandhi or Lennon. If embraced by those in political office, it could help to avert some of the problems we are about to face.

Only time will tell.


BrianApril 4th, 2014 at 9:52 am

This is a thoughtful representation of a Cardinal fear, assuming your sun is so inclined to feel fear, but some believe our sun to be the only thing we need to sustain life as we know it. We need to protect it from any and all elements that have the ability to devour it. Such as, elements of hate, fear, or ascendants.
We are more powerful than this earth but not our sun and we should honor it more than any person, planet, or explanets.
Nothing will happen for the next 3-4 weeks that haven’t been done before. Celebrate the end of an old war that started our jeorney into a territory forwhich contractors, lawyers, and directors from our burecratic branches, put our sun in danger. We’ve been crawling out ever since. Palm Sunday, Easter, and the end of various types of discipline.
if you could check the time frame shortly after the departure of our US presidents you’ll see what time a separation which will begin in this country and continue tell the year 2020

oakley 梅田October 23rd, 2014 at 2:23 pm


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