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Posted on June 4th, 2016 by Don Cerow


On the international level, Paris is going through the worst floods it has seen in 30 years, threatening Paris’s cultural institutions and soaking the French countryside east of the capital (Neptune).

The Seine has continued to swell since the river burst its banks on Wednesday (the day the first of these aspects, the Sun squaring Neptune, occurred) raising alarms throughout the city. As of 10 p.m. on Friday, its waters had reached 20 feet. The river was expected to crest on Saturday morning at up to 21.3 feet, and to remain at high levels throughout the weekend, the French Environment Ministry said in a statement.”                                                                          NYT, June 4, 2016, p. A4

This is keeping perfect pace with the build up of the planets.

Also, FIFA officials (International soccer) took huge raises as scandals grew, it was reported today. (Saturn in Sag)

On the national front, Trump’s declarations are showing an incredible disregard for Constitutional rights in remarks that raise alarm (Gemini square to Jupiter in Virgo), Chicago officials released videos from one hundred and one cases in which police officers fired weapons or otherwise used force against civilians (Saturn square to Neptune- stay tuned; this one is not exact yet), while statewide gas leaks in Massachusetts suggests that up to 30% of reported issues in 2014 disappeared from utilities’ records in 2015 (same).

More locally, I have heard of seizures, Dear John’s and even death as the Full Moon builds like the floods on the Seine.

Head for the high ground.

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