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Posted on April 7th, 2016 by Don Cerow


Well, we’re back on the road again.

Driving up and out of the Florida peninsula we crossed the Alabama border after midnight and pulled into the first rest area we came across on Route 231. It was the Alabama Welcome Center.

No overnight parking.

So, after taking an hour and a half nap, it was up and at ’em, pushing on down the road until we found a Wal-Mart in Troy, Alabama, loaded with cars, trucks and semis that had already found an evening refuge. An extra hour and a half on the road, and in the wee hours we finally called it a day.

Imagine my surprise when I realized, after the morning meditation, that the New Moon had come and gone.

Good morning!!



      We’re on our way to Moundville, Alabama in an effort to awaken folks to the fact that around the world indigenous peoples all left behind records of celestial observations. Some build to a level of incredible sophistication, such as the forbidden city in China, the Temple of the Sun and Moon in Mexico, the Greek and Egyptian temples, and the megalithic efforts in the British Isles, Brittany and the Spanish peninsula. But up and down throughout this country, there are also the earthen mounds of the Native Americans, who, like everybody else, was charting the movements of the planets and stars of the nocturnal skies.

It was part of a worldwide effort.

So, that’s it for this Moon Mail. Instead of the Moon conjuncting the Sun, we’re going out on the Moon conjuncting Uranus.

So, here’s your Uranian note for the day. It’s social revolution and free education; all Uranian and Aquarian themes.

Birdie Sanders. 

What d’ya think of dem apples?

Blessings to all from Troy, Alabama!


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