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Posted on November 22nd, 2014 by Don Cerow

      Sagittarians like to do things at a gallop. This is a FIRE sign that lives life at a spirited pace and with panache. They are enthusiastic, eager and active.

At least for a while.  The Silver Centaur

Because Sag is also a mutable sign, this can indicate fluctuating with the breeze and the social currents that go with it. When they’re not leading a charge, they’re adaptable. Candlelight is good for meditation and ambiance, but it generally doesn’t take too much trouble to blow them out or realign their focus.

One TV icon that captures this spirit of excitement and adventure inherent in this month’s New Moon Mail was the Lone Ranger early TV series. The beginning of each show had guns blazing at full gallop. (Notice how Silver doesn’t miss a beat, even when the six-shooter is going off right in his ear!) At the end of each episode, the masked man was invariably cast as a role model for others to aspire to, to get to know and feel real chummy with as he disappeared on horseback into the west on his noble steed.

The Lone Ranger and Silver

The two worked together as one.

The Silver Centaur.

The Moon in Sag.

His extravagances there for all to see!

An almost spotless outfit, immaculately pressed while riding the dusty dirt trails of the Old West?

I’d like to see this guy’s laundry bill!

Silver bullets? That must have gotten expensive in a lengthy gun fight! Does he stop to retrieve his spent cartridges later or what? Does he even care about the environment and our diminishing resources?

And charging into a situation takes a lot of energy each time you do it. Two, three charges later, and your horse is really pooped! This is not the sort of thing that you can do all day long.

This is the high and the low of Sagittarius. Short term spirited inspiration spread out over a larger loom.



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