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Posted on December 7th, 2018 by Don Cerow

         WHAT YOU DO COME BACK TO YOU- It’s the law! 

This is the chapter for Capricorn and it’s themes of rules, responsibility and determination in the face of adversity. Mars is in its exaltation in Capricorn. Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn, is in its exaltation in Libra. All these themes interweave.

So what does it mean?

The ruling hierarchy (Saturn/Capricorn) is fair and just. Government develops systems of weights and measurements that simplify and standardize the country. There’s a clear chain of command, people follow orders quickly (Mars in Capricorn) and are eager, ready for more.

Telemachus moved to his father’s orders smartly    (line 116)

Give me a clear command!                                             (line 174)

They hung on his orders, keen to do his will              (line 187)

Crisp command that left the old woman hushed       (line 423)

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, is Karma.

Judgment Day.

With a dark look, the wily fighter Odysseus shouted back. (line 35)
           “You dogs! You never imagined I’d returned from Troy-
So cocksure that you bled my house to death,
ravished my serving women- wooed my wife
behind my back while I was still alive!
No fear of the gods who rule the skies up there
No fear that men’s revenge might arrive someday–
Now all of your necks are in the noose- your doom is sealed.”

But the battle master kept on glaring, seething.       (line 64)
 “No, Eurymachus! Not if you paid me all of your father’s wealth-
All you possess now and all you can pour in from the world’s end-
not even then would I stay my hands from slaughter

till all you suitors had paid me for all your crimes!
Now life or death- your choice- fight me or flee
if you hope to escape you sudden bloody dome!
I doubt one man in the lot will save his skin!”

Capricorn rules the skin.

Capricorn rules the knees.

Odysseus’ knees shook, his heart too, when he saw them   (line 156)

The prophet clutched Odysseus’ kneess, as did the musician.

The musician he let go, the prophet he did not.    (lines 360-325)

Odysseus is mad, mad because they have broken ethical laws, laws of decency, laws of the land. Odysseus is clear. They have to pay for all their crimes!

The opening pages deal with doom and death to the suitors.

At the end we are dealing with their corpses, fire, sulfur and purification.

Another characteristic of Capricorn is that they learn through experience. That means that things go wrong. They hate it when things go wrong and therefore endeavor to make sure that they don’t happen again. It’s interesting that one of their main protagonists, aside from the suitors, is the goatherd.

Odysseus’ knees shook, his heart too, when he saw them  (line 156)
buckling on their armor, brandishing long spears-
here was a battle looming, well he knew.
He turned at once to Telemachus, warnings flying:
“A bad break in the fight, my boy. One of the women’s
tipped the odds against us- or could it be the goatherd?” 

Of course it turns out it is the goatherd. The Sea-Goat (half goat, half fish) is the symbol for Capricorn.

Pan was the god associated with Capricorn who was often trying to seduce the ladies. Here in the 22nd chapter a dozen of the chamber maids have been “rutting on the sly.”                  (line 470)

            Experience, indeed. 

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