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Joe Biden

Posted on December 29th, 2020 by Don Cerow

    It should be fairly obvious to most people what some of the changes will be on the governmental and political levels, but these will be changes felt on personal levels as well. Not only is there a vaccine on the horizon bringing the light of hope (something we haven’t had until November), but people are more energized towards refocusing their efforts what can be collectively achieved. More women aspiring towards political, governmental and corporate positions is but one of the many grassroots ways this is coming about.

      This is a quick glimpse of President Joe Biden’s birth chart. The most obvious characteristic is his Scorpio stellium in the 12th house. This helps to explain his repeated personal association with loss and death.

      In 1972 his wife and daughter were killed in an auto accident. Bonding with his remaining sons he commuted to work in the Senate every day, a habit he maintained for thirty six years. The accident and loss of his family left him filled with anger and religious doubt. He “felt God had played a horrible trick” on him. He had trouble focusing on his work. He would later lose another son, Beau Biden, to brain cancer in 2015.

      With this stellium in Scorpio images from the subconscious would continually well up in his mind, distracting him from whatever he was attempting to do. He was not a good student. The twelfth house squares both the 3rd and 9th houses, locations which generally turn out good students. The intensity of Scorpio would flush the anger. Because the 12th house placement is often an intuitive relationship with the Divine it represents his faith and his doubts, his devotion and his Roman Catholic beliefs.

      But the 12th house also represents the poor and the needy, the beggar and the thief. With a family that personally experienced his father suffering through the loss of his job he can relate to those who are now in a similar place. With Uranus trining his Neptune (generic ruler of the 12th house), this makes him popular with the common people. With the transiting planets moving into Aquarius, they will, one by one, square his planets in Scorpio. This series of squares may last throughout his administration, with slow moving Pluto bringing up the rear.

      The financial institutions are likely to be about to take a real hit through the coming years.

                  THINKING WITH THE HEART

The following is some of what I’ve been learning while studying up on Parkinson’s. This excerpt is lifted out of Recovery from Parkinson’s by Dr Janice Hadlock, DAOM, LAc. It’s fascinating stuff.

“Karl Jung, the famous philospher/psychologist/ explorer once asked Ochwiay Biano, chief of the Pueblo Indians, for his opinion of the white man. The chief said white men must be crazy because they think with their heads, and it is well known that only crazy people do that. Jung asked how the Indians thought. The chief replied that, naturally, they thought with their hearts. (From The Sun; “Sunbeams (Letters to the editor);” Laurens van der Post; Sept 2007; p. 48.)
“Animals don’t need to develop this connection. They already have it, always. Unless they have been hideously tortured to the point that they have become deranged, animals do not have the mental capacity to delude themselves into thinking that they are apart from the one Unifying Love.
“The heart, or more accurately the highly conductive connective tissue around the heart, the pericardium, acts like a radio receiver/ transmitter. When a person lets his thoughts be guided by his pericardium, he can “tune in” with the heart-type frequencies of loved ones, saints, or sages, whether they are living or have passed on.
“According to ancient Vedic physics, this heart communication uses gravitational waves, which are faster and less disrupt-able than the mere electromagnetic waves of brain-based thoughts.”

      That’s what I thought. 

         Love and Learn,


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