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Posted on August 25th, 2014 by Don Cerow


The conjunction is thought to be the most potent of all the celestial aspects, as two planets simply align with each other together in the sky. This week, a little over five hours after the New Moon, Mars conjuncts Saturn. It is the first alignment, planetary or lunar, following the New Moon.

Mars and Saturn are classically considered to be the two malefics of the horoscope. Of course this was from the days before Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were discovered, and we worked with only the traditional seven visible planets, viewable by the naked eye. The simple interpretation of these two energies is that we are frustrated by what we would like to have happen. Mars is personal desires and what we are excited by in life. We identify with Mars. This is the stuff that little boys are made of, together with their puppy dog tails.

Sky and Telescope

We have tales of our own.

Where we want to go, Saturn says no. But this energy can be turned in various ways. Rather than squandering one’s initiative, it is contained, controlled and harnessed. Difficult projects are taken seriously, with anger and hostility more easily controlled. The qualities that can emerge from this conjunction are the capacity to endure, tough as nails. We can develop discipline, patience and resistance, a thick skin, and efficiency. We need to get things done in the time (Saturn) allowed. We can now benefit from our personal experiences, learning from what we have already gone through by applying those lessons.

The Sky and Telescope image above shows when the Moon catches up to the conjunction next week and sets it off in the afternoon and evening of the 31st.

The pans of Libra

Notice in the following image how Mars and Saturn are in the constellation Libra (to the naked eye), while they fall in the sign Scorpio astrologically. This is not incorrect or overlooked by astrologers, they are simply two different systems which use two different starting points as a reference. Astronomers use the constellations as their framework, leaving Aries as the start of the zodiac, while astrologers use the tropical ingresses, the start of each of the seasons (Equinoxes and Solstices) as their frame of reference.

If you’re in route to Philadelphia, it doesn’t matter whether you started from New York or Boston to get there. Each will do the job, but it will take more time from Boston than New York. Neither is right or wrong, they are simply two different starting points.

The same is true of the stars.


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