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Posted on July 23rd, 2017 by Don Cerow


Historically speaking, eclipses were generally feared.

One month from now, as the eclipse runs through the core of the country (from Oregon to South Carolina), President Trump’s Ascendant will be triggered as his light goes out, either personally or politically. Unlike Hillary (and a number of other political notables), there has only been one solid contender for Trump’s birth chart, whereas debate rocked the boat of Hillary’s three or more natal maps. The Ascendant moves at the rate of about one degree for every four minutes of time. Since the Ascendant is one of the ‘Big Three’ of astrology (Sun, Moon and Ascendant), knowing its precise position is very important.

This eclipse is a case in point.

Since this eclipse is in Leo, it represents the king, leader, chief, or head of the enterprise, explaining why kings of old were particularly susceptible to (and feared) this heavenly omen. Here’s an example from history of how Solar Eclipses were thought to impact a nation’s fate:

“This eclipse is recorded as partial both by the contemporary writer Xenophon and by Plutarch. When the eclipse occurred, the army of King Agesilaus II of Sparta was on its way to engage in battle with the Thebans near Chaeroneia, having marched southwards through Thrace. Xenophon accompanied Agesilaus on his campaign and thus probably witnessed the eclipse himself.”

“At the time of the eclipse, Agesilaus learnt of the Spartan defeat at the Battle of Cnidus, a joint Athenian and Persian operation against the Spartan naval fleet, which marked the end of the naval hegemony of Sparta.”
Stephenson. Historical Eclipses and Earth’s Rotation, p. 366.

which marked the end…”

That has been my observation, that the area of the chart triggered by the eclipse brings some event, in our lives or in the lives of society, to an end.

Here’s another look at another culture.


      “In the Mesoamerican culture, the practice of astronomy was extremely important. To the Maya of Mesoamerica, this ancient science reflected order in the universe and the gods’ place in it. This order reflected an inherent harmony present in their general theological view of the universe. To the Mayans, capturing the essence of time was of the utmost importance. In their cosmology, space and time were inevitably intertwined, as is evidenced by their complex calendar system that combines spatial attributes of the universe, such as animals and plants, with temporal movements of astronomical objects. Although the Mayans never invented water clocks or other specific time-keeping devices, they used the sky as a method of measuring the passage of time.”

      “The Mayans believed that celestial events were indicative of communication with the gods. Specific astronomical objects represented certain deities, whose divine lives were portrayed in the daily, monthly, and yearly changes in their appearance. The religious aspect of astronomy was also taken one step further: to astrology. The movement of constellations and other objects across the sky represented a connection between celestial events and human affairs. In other words, the practice of astronomy- in the form of astrology- was believed to have an influence on every Mayan.

The article goes on to say that when celestially generated nefarious influences, in other words bad luck, were the prediction, the people would stay inside their homes and block their chimneys so that the evil light could not enter. 

What does the eclipse, falling right on the president’s Ascendant and working its way across the middle of the country, seem to indicate? The Ascendant represents the ‘self’, individuality and general health of the individual, of his sense of power and control.

Whatever the consequences, it won’t happen exactly on the eclipse. This has been the difficulty about making predictions with them. Yes, they are big, setting off major events. Other aspects build into their exact celestial configurations and are often triggered as they happen, but where the eclipse is concerned, there’s this cosmic pause as we wait to see what will happen. It’s like a great cosmic loaded gun, the hammer has now been pulled back, the safety is off, and the cross-hairs are aligned.

Whether personal, political, or Putin, Trump’s light may be about to go out.

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