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Posted on March 5th, 2015 by Don Cerow

The final attack in the battle of the Alamo commenced on the early morning of March 6th, 1836, although the conditions leading up to this moment had been building for years. Anglo settlers outnumbered Mexican settlers, but changes in the Mexican government had left these immigrants dissatisfied with the new administration and they decided to divorce themselves from Mexico and Santa Anna.

On the 23rd of February as Mexican troops appeared on the outskirts of the local town Bexar in an attempt to take back Texas and the Alamo, transiting Saturn was still 35 minutes (about half a degree) short of the exact square to transiting Neptune, but closing the gap.

Neptune is the planet that deals with support systems and how well prepared from behind the scenes we are. On the high side, it is sleep, compassion, empathy and understanding, but on the flip side, it’s a lack of sleep, illusion, confusion, doubt, and uncertainty.

With Saturn, the planet of governments, time, construction and limitations making a hard aspect to Neptune, these items are in short supply. There is a lack of depth and faith at work.

Few arrangements, stores or ordinance had been made for a potential siege at the Alamo.

As we watch history unfold, these concerns jump out at us.

State of Texas

The Texian government (those that had come to Texas to settle, leaving the US behind) was in turmoil, unable to provide much help to the outpost. Houston appointed Col. Neill and Lt. Col. William Travis to go and remove the canons there so they would not fall into Mexican hands. Unfortunately, there were not enough draft animals to haul the canons away, and so Neill and Travis decided to stay and fight instead.

Neill left, presumably to gather resources, but the mostly volunteer group of men at the Alamo would not have Travis as their leader, and instead elected James Bowie, a known fierce fighter.

Saturn squaring Neptune; lack of faith in your leaders.

Bowie celebrated his election by going out and getting drunk. To make amends, the two later agreed to share command.

In the meantime, Santa Anna was having his problems. Much of his new army was young and green. Many did not know how to use the rifle sights, and others refused to put the rifle to their shoulder because of the painful recoil. Rather than marching his army along the coast where they would be easily supplied, Santa Anna had marched them inland. Like the defenders of the Alamo with the oxen and canons, the Mexicans did not have enough mules to haul all of the supplies needed. The large number of troop followers, together with the army itself, consumed much of their stores, and so the troops had to be put on partial rations.

Saturn also rules winter. In a square to Neptune, this could indicate a particularly cold and hard winter (as Saturn approaches a square to Neptune this winter), and it was. Temperatures reached record lows and by February 13, some 15 to 18 inches of snow had fallen. Hypothermia, dysentery and Comanche raids chipped away at Mexican morale.

In another Neptunian manifestation, the majority of the Texian garrison joined a fiesta, assuming the Mexican Army to still be a long way off instead of taking the time to lay in supplies for a lengthy siege. Few arrangements had been made, few supplies gathered. Neill had approximated that the Alamo could withstand a siege for no longer than four days. The actual siege by the Mexicans went for more than twice that. The approximately 200 defenders had to ward off 1600 Mexican troops.

The defenders approached Santa Anna and asked for terms of an honorable surrender. The general would only accept an unconditional surrender and declined the offer. There was to be no empathy, compassion or understanding in this peace treaty.


On February 24th, Bowie collapsed from sickness. Undermined leadership is another manifestation of the Saturn Neptune square.

The next day, a blue norther blew in, dropping temperatures to 39 degrees. The defenders could not go out and gather wood, for fear of being shot by the Mexicans.

On February 26th, after days of indecision, Col. Fannin ordered 320 men and four canons out to reinforce the Alamo, some 90 miles away. Before the relief column had traveled a mile, they turned around and headed back. Fannin blamed the officers, the troops blamed Fannin.

Any way you slice it, no additional reinforcements from that quarter.

Before dawn on March 4th, a small contingent of reinforcements did break through the Mexican lines and entered the Alamo. These were the last volunteers to join the defenders of the mission.

This was the day the Saturn Neptune square was exact. Within 48 hours, the Mexicans would attack.

Since arriving on February 23rd, the Mexicans had kept up a continual nocturnal bombardment, denying the defenders any real, restful sleep.

More Saturn Neptune square.

While this alignment tightened its grip on the Alamo, Texians met at the Convention of 1836 and on March 2nd declared independence as the Republic of Texas.

At about 10:00 PM on March 5th, the bombardment stopped.

At 5:30 the next morning, Santa Anna launched the final assault.

They started out silently. Despite the bitter cold, the troops were ordered not to wear their overcoats, which might impede their movements. The three Texian sentinels stationed outside the walls were killed in their sleep.

Once the melee began, the green recruits blindly fired their guns, injuring and killing many of their comrades in front of them.

More Saturn Neptune square.

At 5:30, when the order to march was given, Mars was exactly rising on the eastern horizon by longitudinal conjunction.

The God of War stepped out.

By 6:30 AM, it was all over.

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