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Loss of what we Love

Posted on April 26th, 2021 by Don Cerow

      Let’s look at the basics, shall we? Exodus is the second book of the Bible, therefore Taurus is the sign that represents the second book of the Bible. It is here that we should find the Hebrew interpretations to personal possessions.

      Ex 35:4, Moses spoke to the whole community of the sons of Israel. “This,” he said, “is what Yahweh has commanded: Set aside a contribution for Yahweh out of your possessions. Let all give willingly and bring this contribution for Yahweh: gold, silver and bronze; purple stuffs, of violet shade and red, crimson stuffs, fine linen, goats’ hair, rams skins dyed red and fine leather, acacia wood, oil for the light, spices for the chrism and for the fragrant incense; onyx stones and gems to be set in ephod and pectoral.

      Not a bad shopping list, hun?

      Now we turn to several of the Scorpio books of Homer. In this first example of the emotional power of Scorpio, the passions of Odysseus churn and boil up within him while calculating his next move. With both Mars and Pluto representing grief and intense anger let’s listen as Odysseus debates within himself. From the Odyssey, Chap. XX,

      The heart inside him growled low with rage,

as a bitch mounting over her weak, defenseless puppies 

growls, facing a stranger, bristling for a showdown—

so he growled from his depths, hackles rising at their outrage.

But he struck his chest and curbed his fighting heart:

“Bear up, old heart! You’ve born worse, far worse,’

that day when the Cyclops, man-mountain, bolted

your hardy comrades down. But you held fast—

Nobody but your cunning pulled you through

the monster’s cave you thought would be your death.”

      This emotional intensity is also felt in another of Homer’s books as Zeus (Jupiter) lays out a fatal warning to all the gods of Olympus. Pay attention to what I say or suffer the consequences. From the Iliad, Chap. VIII,

      “’Listen to me immortals, every one,

and let me make my mood and purpose clear.

Let no one, god or goddess, contravene

my present edict; all assent to it

that I may get this business done, and quickly.

If I catch sight of anyone slipping away

with a mind to assist the Danaans (Greeks) or the Trojans,

he comes back blasted without ceremony,

or else he will be flung out of Olympus

into the murk of Tartaros that lies

deep down in the underworld. Iron the gates are,

brazen the doorslab, and the depth from hell

as great as heaven’s utmost height from earth.

You may learn then how far my power

puts all gods to shame…

That is how far I overwhelm you all,

both gods and men.’

They were all awed and silent

he put it with such power.”

      Anyone who has lived with a Scorpio knows how intense they can be.

      And finally, even the Lord of Shades is intimidated when Neptune’s earthshaking (Neptune/Poseidon is known as ‘the Earthshaker’) threatens to collapse the graves of the earth’s burials. From the Iliad, Chap. XX,

      “Dread came in undergloom to Aidoneus (Hades),

lord of shades: he bounded from his throne

and gave a cry, in fear that earth, undone

by Lord Poseidon’s shaking, would cave in,

and the vile moldy kennels the gods hate

might stand revealed to mortals and immortals.

That was the measure of the shock

created by the onset of the gods.”

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