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Lunar Shadows

Posted on June 8th, 2013 by Don Cerow

Crescent Moon border

When looking at events for the coming year, I generally step over the lunar aspects and go for ‘planetary’ combinations, those involving other than the Moon. I have found that more powerful events in our lives are triggered by ‘the planets’. Since the Moon is the fastest moving body across the face of our sky, it’s influence ebbs and flows more often, like the tides. The Moon rules our moods and how we feel. We can go into work week after week, Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 and there’s a consistency to the methodical model. But how we feel can change from morning to morning,  through the course of the day or into the evening. This is, in part, the power of the Moon.


Having said all that, we have a couple of significant alignments coming up in the US chart that will be interesting to watch. The US progressed Moon is getting ready to square the US natal Pluto on 13 June 2013, and will then move on to square the progressed Pluto on August 5th. Now the Moon rules Cancer, a WATER sign. Pluto rules Scorpio, a WATER sign. Whatever is being represented here is highly emotional in its nature. They’re also highly private. The Moon likes to pull back into its Cancerian shell, while Scorpio’s capacity for secrecy is legendary. Put them together and neither wants to get caught with their drawers down, so they hide whatever they can. As a result the events being authored here may or may not make it into the media bi-lines. As always with Pluto, lives may be at stake. Falling in the 2nd and 11th houses, we could see some scandal around the utilities or use of collective monies. One of the ways we’ll be able to spot it is to watch for who particularly got screwed.Pluto.


The stronger progressed planetary combinations in the US chart are September 14, September 24th and October 1st when there will be more dramatic events taking place. People at the top know what they are doing is wrong as the progressed Sun squares Uranus. It could be a major leak of information or breech of internet security. This is not easy for the administration to handle.On the positive side, this will represent a time when the administration can come clean and own up to the truth of what has been happening.


Not that they will, but that they ‘can’.



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