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Posted on June 24th, 2021 by Don Cerow

      This month the Full Moon is in Capricorn, the sign position of the Moon’s detriment. It’s not a happy place for the Moon. The Moon wants to be held and hugged, not disciplined. Some possible manifestations for this alignment are a difficult childhood, stern parents (especially the mother), or a lack of emotional support. You could slip in tough love here. On the high side it can represent a hard working disciplined constitution that succeeds in time where one’s own responsibilities are concerned.  

      Here are three different manifestations from Homer’s Iliad about how Capricorn was seen almost three thousand years ago. These are insights both into the individual psyche and the collective social strata. The first glimpse observes cultivated maturity, the second records taking a hard fall, while the third involves combined social responsibilities. We will begin with an observation of wise Nestor, an elderly king known for his drive, his discipline and his clear headedness.
At this the hero, starting up from sleep,
  Gave back a rough reply:“Hard as a knife,
is what you are, old man. By night and day
you never rest. Are there no younger men
who might go round about to wake the captains
one by one? Can no one hold you down?”                                                                                                                               Book X; line 180

      And then there is the downside to Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is also known as Father Time, identified by his sickle. When Saturn was young he was given a flint sickle and asked by his mother to ‘deal with dad.’ This he did. When his father came to ‘be’ with his mother, he jumped out from behind a megalith and castrated his dear old dad.

      What follows is what happens when life hits you hard.

“’But when an old man falls,
and dogs disfigure his grey head and cheek
and genitals, that is most harrowing
of all that men in their hard lives endure.’
The old man wrenched at his grey hair and pulled out
hanks of it in both his hands, but moved
Lord Hektor not at all.”                                                                                                                         Book XXIII: line 88

      And finally, what about Capricorn when its actions weigh in on the social/administrative level as the Lord of Karma; together with its checks and balances?                          

“As under a great storm black earth is drenched
on an autumn day, when Zeus pours down the rain
in scudding gusts to punish men, annoyed
because they will enforce their crooked judgments
and banish justice from the market place,
thoughtless of the gods’ vengeance; all the streams
run high and full, and torrents cut their way
down dry declivities into the swollen sea
with a hoarse clamor, headlong out of hills,
while cultivated fields erode away-

Book XVI: line 447

       What you do the reaper brings back to you.

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