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Posted on November 25th, 2015 by Don Cerow

Many of us have been watching the skies of late, observing the Jupiter, Venus, Mars alignment among the stars of Leo last month. With the first two of these planets clocking in as the third and fourth brightest objects in the sky (after our two luminaries), it’s been a sight to behold for stargazers everywhere, seeing stellar jewels laid against the crimson tones of Aurora as she gently caresses another day into wakefulness.

Concentration of planetary forces, as with the stellium, does just that. It concentrates the celestial lens onto events that take place here on the Earth. There is power in volume, especially if it is making a hard aspect to any of the outer planets.

Such has been the case here. Like a diversion, catching our gaze and pulling it away, so  the beauty of this series missed some of the inherent dangers of this hard aspect to Uranus, suggesting unstable conditions and a powerful build ups of tension. It’s all a part of the craziness (Uranus) that’s going on out there right now.

Everything is changing!

Inconjuncts are alignments of 150 degrees, or one sign either way (30 degrees) from an opposition (180 degrees). Unlike the opposition and the square which share a similar quality, inconjuncts have nothing in common. Let’s take the current example. Uranus is in Aries, a Cardinal Fire sign. The stellium has been running through Virgo, a Mutable Earth sign. Now what did you hear being repeated there?

Cardinal, Fire, Mutable, Earth.

Nothing matches.

These two planets are coming from different vibrations. They’re like oil and water. They have different philosophies. They just don’t mix easily.

This angst is also felt in the personality of the signs. Virgo is careful, practical and precise. Aries is bold, dynamic and courageous. Aries jumps in WAY too fast for the Virgo to be happy. They haven’t had a chance to check all the details yet. And of course, if anything is out of place, the Virgo wants it fixed before we can move forward.

Aries is “What are you waiting for? Let’s do it, now!”

However, if you can supply the mental fortitude to keep these two dissimilar signs in harness, teaching them how to pull together, substantial practical advances can be made. One translation might be a carefully planned attack, weaving diverse ends together into a single, focused, coordinated effort. Another could be a totally new way to deal with work or health issue that are more successful than their predecessors.

Let’s look at some examples from this stellium forming hard aspects to Uranus:

By REUTERS | Oct. 23, 2015 | 1:13

“The National Hurricane Center in Miami considers this hurricane the strongest ever seen on the American continent.”

Notice that Uranus is at 18 degrees and 2 minutes of the sign Aries, while Mars is 17 degrees and 53 minutes of arc of Virgo. These two planets, augmented by the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus to Mars, heighten its power and made it the strongest hurricane on record in the Americas! They are within 9 minutes of arc of each other as Patricia hit landfall. That’s less than one-sixth of a degree, and there are 360 degrees!

That’s what I call exact.

Not only that, but because Uranus is retrograding (moving backwards or dropping in degrees), these two are both racing towards the precise alignment, towards each other. As the WEB has said, it is as the planets move into each other that they build to a peak and crescendo.

This is a perfect example.

Now let’s take a look at the Afghanistan earthquake. In this instance, the Moon is throwing its weight behind the already established lineup of planets, within a degree of Uranus and within orb of all three planets in our Virgo stellium. We’re looking at the 16th and 17th degrees here. Notice too that Saturn has just crossed the Midheaven at the top of the chart, emphasizing the mountainous qualities being brought to bear, the difficulties in getting to the scene over collapsed roads, the administrative problems these nations share as neighbors, together with an active Taliban.

“Afghan Quake Death Toll Mounts,
Survivors Still Wait For Aid

“In Afghanistan, 7,630 homes were destroyed and around 1,000 animals killed. In Pakistan, over 10,000 homes and 147 schools were damaged, officials said.

“By Mohammad Yousaf and Rahim Faiez
Posted: 10/28/2015 09:35 AM EDT

“SHANGLA, Pakistan (AP) — Afghanistan and Pakistan were scrambling Wednesday to rush aid to survivors of this week’s magnitude-7.5 earthquake as the region’s overall death toll from the temblor rose to 385.

“Pakistan’s disaster management authority said the nation’s dead now were at 267, with 220 people killed in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and another 47 elsewhere in the country.

“Afghanistan has reported 115 dead and 556 wounded, while three people died on the Indian side of the disputed region of Kashmir.

“The head of the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority, Wais Ahmad Barmak told parliament that 7,630 homes had been destroyed and around 1,000 animals killed. In battered northwestern Pakistan, more than 10,000 homes were damaged, as well as 147 schools, officials said.

“The quake, which struck Monday (Oct 26th, 2015, -Ed) was centered in Afghanistan’s sparsely populated Badakhshan province bordering Pakistan, Tajikistan and China.

“The poverty-stricken region is vast, with mountains and valleys that make it difficult to reach affected areas. Taliban are active in some parts, further complicating access, Barmak said.”

In each of these two examples, the alignments are fairly clear. In the first example of Hurricane Patricia, Uranus and Mars are within minutes (of arc) of being exact at the 18th degree. In the second example, the Moon joins the alignment triggering Venus in the 16th degree.

Now what about Jupiter and Uranus?

Two oppositions, two inconjuncts

While the orb between Jupiter and Uranus in this one is a degree and ten minutes of arc from exact, the Airbus crash remained in the headlines of theNew York Times every day between October 31st (the day it happened) and November 5th, when this alignment became exact.

Notice that both sets of inconjuncts in the Airbus chart are in the 16th and 17th degrees of their respective signs.

Here were the NYT headlines for that week:

Nov 1st
Russian Airliner Crashes in Egypt, Killing 224


The Kogalymavia flight from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg crashed shortly after takeoff, officials said.

Nov 2nd
Russia Mourns as Officials Seek Cause of Jet Crash in Egypt


A day of mourning was held Sunday for 224 who died in the Egyptian Sinai crash, while the transportation minister said flight recorders had been found.

Nov 3rd
Amid Vigils and Debris, Officials Seek Cause of Sinai Peninsula Crash


A day of mourning was held Sunday for 224 who died in the Egyptian Sinai crash, while the transportation minister said flight recorders had been found.
In January 2014, when the group was known as Ansar Beit al-Maqdis and had not yet linked itself to the Islamic State, the militants used a Manpad portable missile launcher to take down an Egyptian military helicopter. This summer, the group also hit an Egyptian naval vessel in the Mediterranean with a guided missile.

Nov 4th
Flash Was Detected as Russian Jet Broke Apart, U.S. Military Officials Say


The officials said satellite images of the flash were the first indication that the plane had exploded, because of either a bomb or the ignition of a fuel tank.

Nov 5th
Britain, Concerned About Russian Crash, Halts Sinai Flights


Prime Minister David Cameron announced the suspension of all flights between Britain and the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

I have often noted that airline maladies occur under hard aspects to Uranus, with technological issues usually being what is at fault. In a hard aspect to the ruler of the skies (Jupiter), this one shouldn’t catch us by surprise, and I had actually thought ahead of time that airline issues could be one of the manifestations of this particular combination.

Jupiter is also the planet said to rule the media. This, too, partially explains the length of time it was held onto by the press.

While beautiful to behold, the planets do pack power and should be carefully considered when setting out on the highway of life. The lineup was between Mars, Venus and Jupiter. As each of them formed an inconjunct with Uranus, there were dramatic events taking place in the news.

“Heaven sings Hallelujah,
Hallelujah the Earth replies.”

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