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Posted on June 5th, 2020 by Don Cerow

       This is part of the Capricornian stellium continuing to do its work. Pluto is within half of a degree from retrograding back into the exact opposition to the natal U.S. Mercury (see two red arrows). The little ‘R’ at the end of the Pluto position indicates that it is dropping, and not rising, currently in degrees, going from 24, to 23, to 22 degrees of Capricorn. Jupiter is right next door at 26 degrees of Capricorn (also retrograding), and Saturn is at one degree of Aquarius, on track for retrograding back into Capricorn, rejoining Pluto and Jupiter and producing the ‘second wave’ of this Capricornian alignment.

      What does that mean? 

      What did it mean the first time through?

      We are tearing down, and rebuilding, the way we look at life, starting with the government (Capricorn) and the workforce (Mercury). From the financial side, we’re not sure where the money is coming from. On the physical side, we are being given new opportunities to re-tool our relationship to diet and health matters, and on the spiritual side we are being provided a multitude of way to relate to each other, to help others get through these uncertain times.

   The last time we went through this metamorphosis was the shift from the Age of Aries to the Age of Pisces. In that way, the shift is a familiar one. Quoting from “The 8th Seal,” p.23:

      “During these centuries the world was in the midst of huge transformation- a cultural metamorphosis. There was a sense of both fear and excitement; of people spiritually “evolving” through a host of various mystery religions, Christianity among them. Life was being recast in various areas; in religion, government, education, astronomy, mathematics and medicine. Each of these branches became immersed in a new sense of wonder, a thirst for discovery. It was against this backdrop that these apocalyptic writings waved their cryptic messages against the blustery winds of change.”

   Need I say more?

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