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PODCast with Provincetown Radio and Dwarf Planets

Posted on July 9th, 2021 by Don Cerow

  The following was a live morning broadcast on the book, When the Dragon Wore the Crown last Thursday, July 1st on the Healing Wisdom Radio Show, Outermost Radio; WOMR 92.1 FM, Provenicetown and WFMR 91.3 FM, Orleans. There is talk about a follow-up, date yet to be determined.  

      I would like to thank Barbara Johnson and Pandora Peoples for opening the box and making all this a possibility. Without their input this would never have happened. 

      Hope springs eternal. 

               DWARF PLANETS

      Also would like a shout-out to Scott Silverman, free lance editor for both IBIS Publishing (publishers for the Dragon and The 8th Seal) and the NCGR quarterly journal, which he has just finished. The theme of this issue is the Dwarf Planets for those who are interested in furthering their celestial insights. The Dwarf Planets covered in the journal are:

         Pluto (currently at 25 Capricorn 50), Ceres (23 Taurus 14), Haumea (26 Libra 50),  
         Makemake (5 Libra 53) and Eris (24 Aries 46), and with more to follow.

      The journal has independent authors offering their insights on each of these Dwarf Plants,  which lie, with the exception of Ceres, out beyond the orbit of Pluto.

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