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Posted on December 21st, 2014 by Don Cerow


There is an alignment in the US natal chart that we have looked at before in our historical analysis, and its an important player in the overall scheme of things.

Born on the 4th of July, 1776, the US catches an applying Solar square to Saturn, within about a degree.

Pluto by transit is about to activate this aspect for our scrutiny.

In different ways, both the Sun and Saturn deal with our father figure. Saturn is more of the disciplinarian, sitting on a throne of stone, while the Sun is more often the expressive, loving father. Each of these planets can also represent the president, the nation’s father figure. In a hard aspect to each other, these themes are not easily integrated, they don’t naturally meld. The president does not really have enough time (Sun square Saturn), to make effective change during his term in office and is in a weakened position. Even if he receives a second four-year term, the legislative check Congress has on the executive makes it difficult to move disagreements through to legislation. Politically, he is at some disadvantage.

If there are jobs, if the money is flowing, people are happy with the president.

If there are no jobs, if the money is not flowing, people are unhappy with the president.

Congress knows that.

When these two planets became exact by secondary progression, the US Army, under the command of General George Washington, had had its collective butt kicked by the British through the fall, and the General was having to watch his soldiers die of the cold (Saturn), as his officers melted away into the snowscape at Valley Forge. The leadership (Sun), personality (Sun) and paternal affection for the troops (Sun) were all taking a belligerent hammering. They couldn’t get money out of Philadelphia (then the seat of colonial government) to fund blankets and other needed materials for the troops during the winter (Saturn). The Articles of Confederation had left no provision to raise money.

So what happened on the first two (out of five) passes this past year?

On March 13th and May 18th of 2014, Pluto opposed the US Sun.

Who had us back on the defensive at that time?

From the New York Times:

The New York Times

According to the theory, we should be able to go back and witness what was taking place at that time in order that it might give us some clues about how it will manifest in the 3rd, 4th and 5th alignments of Pluto to the Sun. Who were we struggling with, and how did we do?

What happened under pass number two?

The New York Times

As we attempt to put Putin in his place economically through sanctions, a new stream of revenue is flowing in (or will be flowing in) to help offset this political malaise. Time is working against us, or against the US. Episodes number three, four and five (Jan 4th, August 18th and October 31st, 2015), yet lie in our future. These will be times when pressures and intensity mount, when the stakes seem more dire, when there is grave danger of mortal conflict. If the stars speak, they are likely to do so at these times, in the days leading into each of these dates.

Let’s see what Time has to say, shall we?

Somebody set the clock.


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