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Posted on January 21st, 2019 by Don Cerow


This past week Saturn opposed the US Sun (January 17th, 2019). These same two archetypes will be being triggered on August 10th of this year as the progressed US Sun will inconjunct the natal US Saturn. Saturn Sun, Sun Saturn, each in a hard aspect. What this means is that this week we are being given clues as to what will happen in August for the president and for the country.

So what does this mean and what happened this week?

Both Saturn and the Sun deal with our leadership positions. Saturn is the disciplinarian, taskmaster, corporate head or Karmic Lord, giving back what one has earned. ‘What you do come back to you’ is part of its essence.

The Sun is the warm and loving Dad, king of the castle. There can be a more playful and creative side than Saturn to this theme, but they are still the one in charge. While these two planets share this head-of-the-household component, they are very different from each other. The Sun rules the heat of the summer (Leo) while Saturn rules the cold of the winter (Aquarius). These two signs oppose each other in the zodiac.

Here are some interpretations of what Saturn opposing the Sun can mean. From Solar Fire‘s software:

Transiting Saturn Opposition (Natal) Sun
Life seems like an endurance test during this transit. You feel tired, worn out and old as your list of jobs seems overwhelming in comparison with your time and energy. There may be delays in your project or simply a feeling that the fruits of your current labors are hard to see right now. It is a time to ponder on your priorities and discard any tasks that may be blocking your path, while shouldering responsibility in the areas which are important.

That was one of Solar Fire’s transiting aspects. Next we have a natal aspect. What that means is that this can be a lifelong characteristic rather than a transitory aspect for that shorter period of time. From Llewellyn George’s A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator:

The Sun in Unfavorable Aspect to Saturn
Indicates derangements of the health, the nature of the illness threatened can be seen by the signs which the Sun and Saturn occupy. It is bad for business affairs, especially of the kind signified by the two planets.
Obstacles, limitations, hindrance and delays cause disappointments, sorrows and losses. The ambitions are thwarted, sometimes the native seems to be getting along splendidly, success seems close and sure, but suddenly inevitable conditions and reverses arise, resulting in downfall and loss. The native incurs opposition (
in this case, literally ~Don), enmity, jealousy and public disfavor.

From Max Heindel’s The Message of the Stars another natal alignment:

The Sun square or opposition to Saturn
These aspects are adverse to that which is generally termed success, but they give an abundance of experience, so they are excellent from the standpoint of the soul. It may truly be said of the person who has either that ‘the best laid plans of mice and men . . .’ for no matter how carefully he may plan this affairs he will be subjected to delays and meet obstacles which will thwart his desires; his marriage often is unhappy and is likely to end in divorce or early death of the partner; there is difficulty in finding and keeping employment, trouble with employers and authorities, a feeling as if he were held in leash all his life and denied expression in any direction. These are the outward experiences but they are generated by the inner nature, and until that changes he must suffer the whiplash of necessity. In the first place such a person has a tendency to crawl into a shell and shut himself in and others out. He is pessimistic and a kill-joy, has little or no regard for the feelings of others and is very obstinate.

Finally from Rob Hand’s Planets in Transit we have another alignment which is in effect for a specified period of time as opposed to a lifetime:

Saturn Opposition Sun
This may be a very discouraging time. Your vital energies are at a twenty-nine-year low, and you may feel quite incapable of dealing with the adversities that often accompany this transit.
      These adversities may come from a number of sources. First of all, other people- particularly employers and other people in authority- may oppose your plans in several areas. This is not usually a good time for successfully attaining your goals.
You may feel physically tired, as if the burdens of your life are too much for you. Quite commonly during this transit people feel old, even if they are in fact young, and there is a profound sense of world-weariness. Avoid excessive strains on your health, because that can lead to a major health breakdown, particularly if you are older. Be careful of your health and conserve your energies. You will have plenty of opportunities to use them later, despite your feelings at the moment.
Your ambitions may also be thwarted by circumstances or by other people. Even though you and your associates have the best intentions for your future, something seems to block you.
It is possible that you may be caught in some kind of relationship, for example, a bad marriage or love affair that limits your self expression. Quite frequently this transit brings such relationships to an end. . .
If you hang on and are patient, opportunities will soon return for success and achievement. But don’t try to strike out right now, for you would not be likely to succeed, and you would only have to start over again. Your life is changing very rapidly, and it will be difficult to anticipate exactly what course it will take from here on.”

These conditions relate to both Donald Trump and the country, and the celestial forces that we are having to deal with, both now, and through the upcoming year. These are not the only alignments that we must deal with, but they represent a common theme that we can build on as we learn to navigate by the stars.

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