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- Consultations and Prices -

The Natal Package Our most popular offering! An excellent introduction to Astrology. The Natal Chart is a "blueprint" of your life. It is an interpretation of both character and soul, emphasizing your personality traits. It includes exploration of relationship, career and finance, domestic and emotional concerns, health, travel and a host of other issues. Included in this package are transits and progressions for the year ahead. This makes a wonderful and insightful birthday gift for yourself or a friend. $150
The Update Transits and progressions for one year. Updates show how your natal chart is being impacted. Learn how to ride the current. Transits and progressions examine both the obstacles and opportunities the year holds. The Update is included as part of the Natal Package, or may be purchased separately. $150
Astro*Carto*Graphy This branch of astrology describes how different geographical areas affect you. For those who travel, or are considering relocating, this is a valuable service. Where are your best locations for business, romance, or simply a great getaway? Call for details. $150
Relationship Charts Compare your natal chart with another, and learn how each relates to the other. Communications, compatibility, and companionship are brought into focus, both for now and the future. From romantic relationships to business partnerships, gain new insight into your personal interactions. $150
Composite Charts The Composite Chart is derived from the natal charts of two individuals, and describes the personality of the union. When long-term relationships or marriage are being considered, this viewpoint is an important one to examine. $150
Relationship & Composite Together By looking at the two sets of charts together, we gain a fuller picture of the couple. The Relationship charts speak of who it is that enters the union, as separate individuals. The Composite chart speaks of how these two are being molded by the relationship as time goes by.   $175
Micro Astro Consultations For those living in the fast lane. Thirty minutes, no stops. This service is geared to your daily and immediate concerns. By appointment only. $75
Businessman's Special Do you have a company with on-going issues you'd like to monitor or resolve? Would you like an extended period of time, at more economical rates, to work on deeper issues and self-understanding? A ten hour block, broken up into hourly sessions on a per diem schedule.   $500
Group Rates Would you like to host a Stellar Evening for your clients or friends? Weekend visits are favorites around the country. Pull together four friends at the regular rate, and have your own chart read for free. Either full hour and a half sessions can be arranged, or readings of shorter length. Call about rates and specifics.
Sessions are recorded and usually run about eighty minutes. There is a $33/half hour additional fee for sessions running over eighty minutes. 24 hour cancellation notice, please. An $20 materials preparation fee will be charged for less than 24 hours notice, refundable within the month of rescheduling.
Telephone Consultations All services are available either in person (if we're local) or by phone. Either must be prearranged. A digital recording of the consultation will be mailed to you for your future reference following the session. All wheels and the digital recording are transferred via email.
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