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Posted on March 13th, 2021 by Don Cerow

Over the last year we have been watching various stelliums milling through the sky. In December of 2018 clouds began to gather as a number of the planets joined forces above the cold hard mountain of Capricorn.

      They would fan out through the spring and summer, but then retrograde back like an extended bungee cord to gather in Capricorn once again, their influence overshadowing the entire year.

      A stellium of planets aligning and falling together suggest an emphasis, a focus. Like a finger passing not through, but being held right over the flame of a candle. 

      With the election in November, 2020 the energy shifted. Capricorn had about run its course as we waited for the lame duck session to waddle its way out.

       As Aquarius gathers steam, the jury for George Floyd is being chosen, women are stepping forward in New York, and the most sweeping legislation since FDR is reaching out to the common people of this land.

      The people are being heard.

      Black and White.

      With this month’s lunation we have another tight stellium (first wheel at top), but it’s a different vibration, and that of course is Pisces. This grouping is not as dynamic as the former two (they will make their mark and move on), but it’s time to stop and reflect, to look back over our lives and measure what we have lost.

      In nature the year is over; a new one is about to begin. In the days leading up to the Vernal Equinox (Spring) it’s time to clean house, to let go of old grudges, to remember what and who we have lost, and to begin again.

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