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Posted on April 4th, 2019 by Don Cerow

The news this week continues to leave the Mueller report in ambiguity.

So what else is new? Raise your hands all who are surprised.

Aries is the sign of the self.

This week we’ll make it subjective.


One of the more powerful alignments for the course of this year in my own secondary progressed chart is Mars conjuncting Uranus as together they inconjunct my natal Midheaven. The alignment will be exact in mid-May. I have found that planetary secondary progressed combinations, in other words aspects not involving the Moon, tend to begin about six weeks ahead of the alignment. Lunar secondary progressed aspects begin to materialize about five days before their exact alignment.

On celestial cue the Mars Uranus suggested a significant, sudden or unexpected shift in the fabric of my life. Making a hard aspect to the Midheaven suggests an entanglement with the hierarchy (the boss) or involving one’s career. There was to be a change in my career path.

On Monday our operations manager for the Inn Alex called in response to one of my emails to tell me that I’ve lost my job. Turns out the Inn is being sold and they’re downsizing the staff. The first of April until the 13th of May is just about six weeks.


While some might see this as a drag, in the short term I find it liberating. It opens up several options as to a new path. It could be another job on the island, setting up shop here in Framingham in an effort to build up the business in New England, travel to California, back to the HQ in Florida or a trip to Texas. My progressed Moon comes out of my natal 12th house and crosses over into my 1st in September, just about the time of the equinox. I suspect it will take that long to get grounded.

And the beat goes on.

Hello Freedom! So many choices, so little time.

Blessings and Love to -All


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