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Taurus – Back to Basics

Posted on May 9th, 2003 by Don Cerow

This week we’re going to go back to basics as we take a look at some Sun Sign Astrology. This is the stuff that most newspaper and magazine columns are based on. When the Sun passes through a sign of the zodiac for a month, it conveys a personality ‘stamp’ on people with which most folks identify. In fact, it is all many people know about astrology.

The Sun is the life force of our solar system. It supplies light, heat, and photosynthesis for plants. In astrology, it represents life itself. When your light goes out, your time is up here on dear old Mother Earth. You move on to another plane. This energy in humans is known to the Chinese as ‘chi’. How strong the Sun is in your chart determines how strong this ‘chi’ is in your body. And speaking of the body, the Sun rules the heart, the single organ which is most associated with life and love in our being.

The sign that the Sun is in at the time of your birth modifies these basic forces. If you were born during the Spring, which is to say, if your Sun Sign is in Aries, Taurus or Gemini, then the Sun was strong and increasing in strength, as the length of the daylight hours was increasing at that time. This force is most notable in Aries, as the Sun is moving fastest at this time of the year, racing to climb in the sky. As it enters Taurus, the energy is slowing down somewhat, but is still very sustained. In Gemini, the days are longest, but they are getting ready to culminate in the highest position, and longest day of the year, but the ascent has been considerably slowed. Most of Gemini’s energy is mental.

This month the Sun is in the sign Taurus, and as all the representative symbols for the zodiac can attest, these images have come down to us after years of careful (and certainly time tested) observation. The characteristics found in the animals, humans, or in one case, inanimate object of the zodiac, have been shown to be typical of their archetype. For instance, like the bull (or cow), Taurus people seem to be strong and hard working over the long haul. If properly harnessed, they can patiently till the earth and be highly instrumental in helping to create a cornucopia of good things; whether they be food or creature comforts. If allowed to go to seed, however, these people can also be lazy and unproductive, content to graze on the grass and chew their cud, basking in the warmth of the summer sun.

Since the Sun is the planet of being, it represents how we actually ‘do’ things. With a Sun in Taurus, things are done in a patient, long-term, dedicated fashion. This is not a wishy-washy sign. They do not change their minds quickly about things, and can often be seen to be slow to take action, or take offense, but once they get going, they can continue to work on projects long after everyone else has gone home and gone to bed. They are very sensual in nature, and enjoy touch and things that feel good, from soft clothing to comfortable shoes. In general, these are herd animals, and as people prefer to work with others. They are much happier in partnership and will work for years in the pursuit of a particular goal or interest. Security is very important to them, and many will work simply to acquire a higher standard of living through all the things that money can bring. Formidable foundations are no stranger to them, and many Empire Builders have been Tauruses.


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