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Posted on February 22nd, 2016 by Don Cerow

Here’s your column for this fortnight. It’s short, simple and to the point. It mirrors my experience while living with an herbalist for fourteen years and being exposed to a number of conditions that green wisdom was able to both treat, and heal. This is a beautiful example of both the Full Moon and the Jupiter Chiron opposition in Virgo/Pisces, separating the wheat from the philosophical chaff.

Q.E.D. (Quad erat demonstrandum, “which is what had to be proven”)



Having left New England behind we (that’s the editorial ‘we’ or pluralis modestiae) turned the Van’s nose south, cutting across New York City and the Jersey turnpike. It was bitterly cold and fortunately the next two out of three stops involved internal connections rather than external video. First, we stopped at the University of Maryland’s archaeoastronomy department outside Baltimore, took the short hop into D.C. and shot the White House for a week’s worth of Dailies (making friends with at least one Secret Service in the process) and then moved on to the Edgar Cayce institute in Virginia Beach (A.R.E.), making a couple of connections for future presentations there. Knoxville was next where I stayed with cousin Carol Lynn and learned that there were two Native American mounds right on the UT campus! She took me to see them, but the snow and cold prohibited doing any filming. We’ll see what we can do about catching some of these same sites on the rebound back to Nantucket in April when hopefully there won’t be any snow. People are thrown off base in July when they see me doing forecasts surrounded by snow.

Too much Zen before breakfast.

From there we were off to the Georgia Guidestones (Google it) and did a series there, and on to Jekyll Island. Pulling over at a rest stop on the Interstate I talked to the tourist people hiding there behind the brochures and asked about Native American mounds. She knew about Jekyll Island but nothing about any mounds. Turns out that when I got to Jekyll Island one of the ‘cottages’ was named ‘Indian Mound’ as there was one in its front yard. Part of it had been plowed to make way for the road that passes right in front of the cottage.

In many of the Southern locals I have found that people know about some of the local sites, but they don’t know how pervasive the culture was. Fortunately the state park system has clued in, and there’s the Etowah, Ocmulgee and Kolomoki mounds in Georgia as well. In the same manner, people in the Northeast often know little about the megalithic chambers that are found there.

            This ‘cottage’ is ‘Indian Mound’. The edge of the mound begins in the lower left.  
They are both used as observatories to observe the planets, stars and constellations. Many of the megaliths capture the light of Equinox or Solstice, while the mounds show you where to stand, and (looking to another mound, standing stone, or wooden pole) where to look. We have lost touch with the systems but the archaeological evidence survives.The fort in St. Augustine was next on the list of sites to visit, followed by NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, FL.And from there to the Moon Mail, and you!
   Greetings from Florida!
      Blessings to All-

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