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Posted on March 20th, 2015 by Don Cerow

We have now completed our series of seven transiting Uranus Pluto squares, the first of which was on June 24th, 2012 and the last of which was this past Monday, March 16th, 2015. Naturally, these have impacted different folks in different ways. Under the first pass in 2012, Lisa and I headed out for a cross country trip in the VW. Under this last one I spent three days and nights behind the fence of the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, the location from which the fatal bullet was fired that assassinated JFK. I’ve noticed that several of these intermediate cross country excursions coordinated with launch times in this series of travels.

What have they meant for you? Send me word if you’ve been following along and are aware of this series for yourself. How has your life changed as a result? Remember, this would include the weeks leading into each of these dates.

Uranus square Pluto   Jun 24, 2012   5:12 AM EDT

Uranus square Pluto   Sep 19, 2012   1:57 AM EDT

Uranus square Pluto   May 20, 2013   7:02 PM EDT

Uranus square Pluto   Nov 01, 2013   6:30 AM EDT

Uranus square Pluto   Apr 21, 2014   3:21 PM EDT

Uranus square Pluto   Dec 14, 2014   0:14 AM EST

Uranus square Pluto   Mar 16, 2015  10:54 PM EDT


Each of these has produced its combination of powerful storms, the most recent being when Cyclone Pam hit Vanuatu on March 13th, one of four tropical storms in the Pacific at that time, a category five storm stronger than Katrina. As we have discussed many times before, these themes build into the date indicated and are not simply confined to that date, like a visible ocean wave coming into shore before it crescendos and drops to the sand.

Cyclone Olwyn made landfall in western Australia, Cyclone Nathan was in the Coral Sea north of Cairns, Australia and Tropical Storm Bayj is spinning east of Guam in the western Pacific.

According to the news media this will probably be one of the worst natural disasters to hit Vanuatu in its history. But that’s not all that’s been happening.

On March 15th a fireball was seen over Austria and southern Germany. It was brighter than the Full Moon and produced sonic booms in the area, a sign that it penetrated deep into the atmosphere and may have had some meteorites fall to the Earth.


Over the weekend, the Aurora was being stimulated to great effect. Skywatchers around the Arctic Circle witnessed a magnificent outburst of auroras. “It was utterly amazing,” reports Oliver Wright of Abisko, Sweden. “March 14-15 was the best I’ve seen in years of night photography.”

Chad Blakley, an aurora tour guide in Abisko National Park, says “I have seen some very impressive displays during all of the years that I have been living in Abisko, but this particular show was truly one of a kind.”

From Spaceweather we had a report that a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) billowed away from the Sun’s western limb. The massive cloud could deliver a glancing flow to our planet’s magnetic field on March 17th, filling Arctic skies with green auroras just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of geomagnetic storms on March 17th, increasing to 60% on March 18th as Earth passes through the CME’s turbulent wake.

The incoming CME was propelled into space by sunspot AR2297. During the early hours of March 15th, the sunspot’s magnetic canopy erupted in tandem with a nearby magnetic filament.

In Cincinnati, forecasters expected the Ohio River to remain above flood stage for most of this week after reaching its highest level in two decades. Melted snow and rainfalls have caused flooding that swamped roads, businesses and homes in scattered low-lying areas in the Cincinnati region that includes southeastern Indiana and northern Kentucky.

And hundreds of miles apart, two different passenger aircraft had to land, one with a front blown tire (of two) which they received during takeoff, and the other without the benefit of its front landing gear at all as it refused to lower. Uranus rules technology, and airplanes run on all kinds of technology.

But Uranus also rules the New Age, and with Pluto squaring Uranus, the trends of the future have been taking a beating. For the time being, we have been able to preserve equality for the World Wide Web, but gender issues, same sex marriages, women’s reproductive rights, equal pay, GMO labeling, Citizen’s United legislation (corporations are people) and many other issues give the conservative, status quo quarter the current edge. Pluto is only half way through Capricorn, representing the consolidation of governmental power behind the scenes. It won’t be until Pluto reaches the waning degrees of Capricorn that we will see some real gains on the social calendar with their directives beginning to diminish.

Fifteen degrees down, fourteen to go.

(Special thanks to Martha MacB for helping with some of the research.)

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