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Posted on July 4th, 2016 by Don Cerow

Now that we’re back and settled on Nantucket for a while, we’ve had a chance to go a little beyond the Dailies and work on a couple of theme pieces, filed under the WEBCollection. In our last series we took a brief look at Poverty Point, Louisiana, the site of the oldest set of Mississippian Mounds that we’re aware of.

      In this Moon Mail, we are taking a deeper look at the Georgia Guidestones, an enigmatic collection of granite stones placed together, with a set of what I callTen Commandments written in eight different modern languages around their face, together with four abbreviated ancient languages containing the same message written on the edges of their capstone.  The Stones were commissioned by an individual under the pseudonym R.C. Christian in 1979 and 1980, and who has, as he predicted he would, walked off into obscurity after the project was compleated. We have no current knowledge of who he was, where he came from, or where he went.

Georgia Guidestones a la Don  (Play it again, Sam. Don’t forget to Like Me!)

While most of the recommendations seem to make good, common sense, it is the first guideline that tends to throw most people. With a planet filled with eight billion souls, hearing a recommendation of keeping the world population down to half a billion seems to smack of euthanasia, together with the selective breeding (improving fitness and diversity), sounds like something out of a Hitler Youth manual. But it is the opinion of many of those that I talk to that suggest it is not a question of reducing the population to this number, but rather to rebuilding it to that level given the suggestion of many of the ‘End Time’ myths that seem to permeate through various cultures. (See video.) In each of them, over crowding is severely reduced, with Revelation calling for one third of the population catching the brunt of the changes.

On the other side of this great conflict, humanity will regain its senses, begin to treat each other, and the Earth, with respect, and will leave war and conflict behind as a manner of achieving one’s political, material and personal goals.


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