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The Saturn Jupiter Conjunction

Posted on December 14th, 2020 by Don Cerow

      Of the seven visible classical planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) Saturn and Jupiter are the two most distant from the Sun and therefore orbit slowest around our favorite star. These two timekeepers were one tool that ancient astrologers/astronomers/priests used when working with larger blocks of time. Saturn and Jupiter form a conjunction with each other every twenty years.

      At the end of May in 7 BC they conjuncted in the sign Pisces, heralding the birth of a new Messiah and a new epoch. This is the star that the three wise men, the astrologers, followed. It was after the Vernal Equinox entered and aligned with the first stars of the constellation Pisces (alpha and xi Piscium), having left behind the final stars in the head and horns of the Ram. There’s some overlap between these two constellations if you use the Right Ascension Midheaven (RAMC). Pisces began before Aries finished. This 7 BC date was after the constellation Aries, the Age of Aries had actually finished.

      Aries was over. Pisces was beginning in earnest. 

      Saturn represents the foundation of life. In the body it’s the skeletal system, in society it’s government, the corporate leader, boss, CEO or king. In a house it is the walls and roof over your head that protect you from the elements.

      Jupiter is the planet that expands our concepts, making them bigger, bolder and more grandiose than they were before. It is the media, guru, priest, prophet and philosopher.

      Jupiter conjunct Saturn?

      It’s a big deal, a professional opportunity, raise, or promotion.

     The manner in which this Saturn Jupiter alignment generally manifests is a shift in the reins of power. Who it is that’s running the show. Whoever it was is not likely to be who it will be. Throw Aquarius into the mix at zero degrees of Aquarius and it’s a radical shift in power. It’s brand spanking new.

      This year, on the Winter Solstice, we will interlace some of those same themes together in a similar construct. The Vernal Equinox has already crossed the celestial marker of the end of Pisces, on February 11th, 2013. On the 21st of December 2020 the Saturn Jupiter conjunction will occur at zero degrees of Aquarius, sounding the trumpet for the start of the next new age.

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