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Posted on September 27th, 2015 by Don Cerow


There are many things going on out there in the world right now, some of them amazing and some terrifying. Recently a whole new dimension of measured stones were found about a mile from Stonehenge, migrants have been flooding Europe, and ISIS has been defying the World Order.

Stonehenge Stones

      These are among the anticipated changes that we have been waiting for for decades. As one age winds down and another begins, deep seated social currents begin to collide with one another, stirring up the muck from the ocean floor. The down side can be that during these periods our vision is clouded and we are concerned about what we might bump into as we attempt to negotiate our way through it.

Although many pointed their finger at the Winter Solstice of 2012, and yours truly suggested February 11, 2013, and this is September 27th, 2015, there’s not really much difference between them here. We’re talking about ages whose average length has been currently calculated at 2152 years, out of a cycle that’s a little short of 26,000 years. Ten years is chump change. Look at the final century concluding with the birth of Caesar or Jesus and all the social tension that played through the political system just in Rome at that time. It came complete with two brothers who vied for social change (in favor of the people), who were each individually assassinated for their views.

When looked at in broad brush strokes, each age can be broken down into the twelve archetypes. During the Age of Pisces (now coming to a conclusion and officially over, but still having its resonating effect), each of the mutable signs have been most active in this transitional mode.


   During the Gemini duodecamoria, social chaos reigned down on Rome as the Goths, Vandals and Visigoths swept across Europe and through Rome. Culture was shattered.


During the Virgo duodecamoria, the Vikings struck at will, first through the British Isles and France, but then beyond that from the Mediterranean coast, venturing up to and even founding Kiev in the Ukraine.

Post no bills

   During the Sagittarian duodecamoria, the Catholic Church was split initially by the Papal Schism, and then later Protestant, Catholic, Lutheran, etc, etc, etc.

European invasion


Which then brings us to the Piscean duodecamoria of the Age of Pisces. It’s now the poor, the disposed and the destitute that are sweeping across Europe, straining the social networks designed to protect and insulate societies. This intermingling of religious cultures will, in the end, be a part of what finally answers many of our interdisciplinary questions, as Time moves on and we more fully integrate with the collective mores of the future.

But in the meantime, we’ve got some work to do, of re-balancing ourselves with the planet, the times, and each other, building on a base of understanding that we are all children of God and that, for that reason, we are all meant to be loved. With this realization will come a redistribution of resources, as we DO have enough to go around, with enough for everybody.

Just not at a profit.

What’s in your wallet?

What’s in your heart?


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