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Posted on April 22nd, 2020 by Don Cerow

The tightest aspect to this New Moon is the conjunction to Uranus. We are being made to look at the Earth, our home, in a new light. Ruled by Uranus, change is the nature of the Aquarian Age, but it may not be the change we had anticipated or thought. What we have known from our past is understandably what we might hope for in the future, but the indications are that the past is not going to be the guiding star for the future.

Stay tuned.

The real wisdom of this lunation is the Chiron Pluto quintile, occurring just a little over an hour before the New Moon. Right off the top, this combination deals with death. Pluto rules the Underworld while Chiron is the only immortal who asked Zeus if he could commit suicide in order that he might be released from his pain. A deep experience is being resurrected from within the roots of our being, and it hurts.

The virus is on the front page day after day. Pluto and Chiron together translate as facing the fear of death, either our own or another’s, wherever that may lead. It can also be healing relationships with those who have already passed over, or counseling those who are currently having to deal with the loss of loved ones, to help ease the grief.

Pluto is our shadow side. It is dancing with these apparitions; on the high side exorcising demons, while on the flip side being seduced by them. It is the vaccine or the snake oil. It is toxic, it is powerful. It is our primordial fear, that of our own death, reflected in the lives of our loved ones around us, dying alone.

Because this is a quintile between Pluto and Chiron, some of the more positive facets of this combination are likely to be present, but these are still dealing with some of the raw components we see referenced above.

However, this quintile is generic. It is what is in the sky right now, impacting everybody. The virus is distributing despair out to thousands of people, around the world, in various ways.

More specifically, as we mentioned in our March 9th copy, The Merchant in America, Pluto is currently opposing the US natal Mercury which is causing some of the financial end of the current hardships. As outer planets generally do, this one will align with Mercury several times. We gave the dates as 27 February 2020, 25 June 2020, and 1 January 2021. We’ve been asked to shut down all schools (Mercury), stay off the highways (Mercury) and close down our businesses (Mercury). Our one-to-one personal communications (not electronic) are curtailed (Mercury).

But this was only Pluto (only he says). Pluto was but one of the planets of the Capricorn stellium that we’ve been experiencing since last November. They each, in their turn, have opposed Mercury and each will have their planetary peaks. They are dealing with our financial state of affairs as well as themes of passage.

Here is a more complete list of alignments we are experiencing this year. The planetary stations ‘sandwiching’ these dates are also tender and generally flush events related to the alignment.

To the Pluto dates we will add their pivots, 25 April 2020 retrograde.
and direct on 4 October 2020.

Quotes are from Solar Fire. The following is Pluto opposing Mercury, our main theme:

You feel that the world is out to stop you communicating your true self and in fact, it is likely that news from external sources is particularly disturbing during this period. Someone else may be forcing their opinions on you or an unexpected crisis may arise stretching your communication skills to the limit. Written negotiatons and contracts may not run smoothly as someone puts a cog in the wheels. At times you may feel stressed, irritable and overworked. Relax as much as possible and remember that the time will pass and the reasons behind the mix-ups will become clear.

Jupiter opposes the US Mercury, 30 March 2020,
retrogrades 14 May 2020,
opposes 29 June 2020,
goes direct  12 September 2020,
and finishes 11 November 2020.

You lack tact and diplomacy during this transit. You are also in danger of being opinionated and blunt. Others may be quick to point out these faults, which you find irritating rather than helpful. However, it would be useful to think before you speak. A little restraint could go a long way.

The progressed Moon opposes natal Mercury on 2 June 2020 (one pass) but then goes on a powerful threesome:

Right now your communications with other people are laden with a few difficulties. It seems as though your attempts to interact are frustrated and you are not sure why. This is also true for new projects and anything that involves the exchange of information. You are being forced, whether you like it or not, to change the way in which you approach projects and people. Therefore this is the ideal time to undertake any activity that focuses on improving verbal or written communications. Marketing, sales, business and intellectual activities can benefit from extra curricular training. Projects that require mental agility or concentration are advanced through a little extra effort. You may like to start a training course, take up a teaching position, or start a writing project. This may cause a little tension in your professional and personal associations, but nevertheless you are keen to improve your skills.  Arguments with colleagues and loved ones may erupt from time to time, but you have the tenacity to continue to work at exchanges. It is important that you aim to keep your interactions as calm as possible, avoiding heated arguments. During this phase you are likely to learn when to retreat and when to calmly state your case. Right now you have the chance to improve your network of associates, learn new skills and apply them to your daily life with a little patience and persistence.

The progressed Moon conjuncts Pluto 31 August 2020,

This is an intense time. Emotions that have built up over a period of time now need an outlet. Likewise any unresolved conflict or problems are simmering and likely to erupt. If you have been harboring secrets then they are likely to be revealed during this period. You need to find a positive outlet for your feelings. You may also need to seek counsel to help you find the most positive path forward. You are being forced to face problems, rather than continue to push them away. You may have difficulty in letting go, surprised by the depth of your feelings. If you can go with the flow then you are likely to experience the joy that comes from letting go of things or people who have held you back in your life. Personal growth can be challenging, but the rewards are a renewed sense of purpose. So use this time to gain new meaning in your life, and perhaps enlist the extra support of those you trust.

The progressed MC (Midheaven) trines Pluto on 14 October 2020,

Some good financial news coming from the administration.   (-Ed.)

Finally the progressed Moon again conjuncts Pluto on 20 October 2020 (see above).

And then Jupiter, the last of our Cap stellium conjuncts natal Pluto on 7 December 2020.

This transit gives you a great push towards reaching all of your goals. You feel that you can move mountains in order to achieve your aims and objectives. Power is a keyword. You feel powerful and will cross paths with powerful people. It is important to use your power in a positive manner and to avoid all manipulative plays at one-upmanship. You meet life with a renewed vigour and intensity and need to remember that this may overwhelm others at times.

And there you have it. These represent a portion of the aspects for the year, but as they are all outer planets (further from the Sun) making a similar alignment to Mercury, they will seem to have a similar theme. Mercury is communications. Oppositions represent how we interact with others. Depending on the transiting planet this can translate as ‘blunt speech’.

Now all we have to do is watch the media at the appropriate times. (Notice that I didn’t name any names here.)

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