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Posted on July 31st, 2019 by Don Cerow


by William Willoya

(It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.)

“Peace after the storms of war and suffering, God’s covenant with mankind through His Prophets, and the union of all the colors of the races of mankind in pleasing harmony . . .” -this is the symbol of the rainbow. William Willoya, whose vision this is, is an Eskimo. He was a hunter of seals in the Bering Strait before his journeys across the continent, after World War II, seeking out and uniting the prophecies of many tribes in his “New Message” of “the spiritual regeneration and uplifting of all mankind.” (Warriors of the Rainbow, by William Willoya and Vinson Brown, Healdsburg, Cal., Naturegraph Company, 1952, pp. 77-80.)

We have seen the golden thread of the prophecies that foretell the day of the awakening of the Indian peoples and the formation of a New World of justice and peace, of freedom and God. We have seen how the Warriors of the Rainbow (the new teachers) are prophesied to come and spread this great Message all over the earth. But how are the Indians going to help these prophecies come true?

For long years, the Indian peoples have been sleeping, physically conquered by the white people. For all this time, they have been taught to believe that the white men were superior to them, that they must learn to live in and become a part of this white civilization, as it exists, even if a lowly part. It will not be easy to awaken them from their sleep. It can be done if we realize that the Indians are sleeping giants, that within each of them are marvelous powers of the spirit that need only be started into action to create miracles of work done for the good of all and deeds of shining heroism.

Like the great Indians of old, they will teach unity, love and understanding among all people. They will listen no more to the little people who say they alone have the truth, but shall see that He Who Listens to All is too big for little things, too full of justice to accept but one self-chosen people, too free to be caged by any mind. They will listen instead to those who teach harmony between all men, even as the wind blows without favoritism into all the corners of the world.

Like the Indians of old, they will pray to the Spirit with a love that flows through every world, even as the breeze sings its song to the Silent One among the needles of the pines . . .

Like the glorious Indians of the past, by their joy, by their laughter, their love, and their understanding, they shall change all men whom they meet . . .

Like the radiant Indians of old who strengthened their muscles by hard exercise and then nourished their souls by fasting and prayer, so shall they make themselves heroes of the new age, conquering every difficulty with the strength of their bodies, the fire of their love, and the purity of their hearts . . .

Like the Indians of old who let their children run free in the prairies, the woods, and the mountains to help them grow into men and women worthy of their Creator, so the Warriors of the Rainbow today shall work to bring to all children the magic blessings of the wild, the delight of bare feet running through green grass over the hills, and the cool touch of the wind in their hair. The spiritual civilization that is coming will create beauty by its very breath, turning the waters clear, building forests and parks where there are now deserts and slums, and bringing back the flowers to the hillsides. What a glorious fight to change the world to beauty!

Like the Indians of old who loved, understood, and knew the power of animals and plants; who killed or took no more than they needed for food or clothing; so the Indians of today will brighten the understanding of the ignorant destroyers. They will soften the hearts of would-be killers so that the animals will once more replenish the earth, and the trees shall once more rise to hold the precious soil . . .

Like the Indians of old who gave work to all and kept care of the poor, the sick, and the weak, so the Warriors of the Rainbow shall work to build a new world in which everyone who can work shall work with joy and with praise of the Great Spirit. None shall starve or be hurt due to the coldness and forgetfulness of men . . .

Like the joyful Indians of old, the new Indians shall bring back to their own people and spread to other races the joy of good-fellowship and kindness and courtesy that made the life of the old Indian villages such a happy time for all. How they danced together! How they ate together in loving harmony! How they prayed together and sang together in joy! It shall come again and better in the new world.

Wise Indians do not speak without reason and they shame a boaster by their silence; so, today, the Indians shall teach all people to make their deeds count bigger than their words. Deeds of love and kindness and understanding shall change the world.

Even as the wise chiefs are chosen, not by political parties, not by talks and boasting,, not by calling other men names, but by demonstrating always their quiet love and wisdom in council and their courage in making decisions and working for the good of all, so shall the Warriors of the Rainbow teach that, in the governments of the future, men will be chosen out of the ranks by quality alone and then will counsel together in freedom of thought and conscience. In counsel they shall seek truth and harmony with hearts full of wisdom and prefer their brothers to themselves.

The thoughtful and devoted chiefs of old understood their people with love; all new Indians will associate with other religions and peoples with love. One minute of such love and understanding brings wealth from the Great Spirit and creates miracles of accomplishment. It is love, then, with understanding that the Warriors of the Rainbow will mix in their medicine to heal the world of its ills, leavened with pure hearts and humble minds . . .

Great are the tasks ahead, terrifying are the mountains of ignorance and hate and prejudice, but the Warriors of the Rainbow shall rise as on the wings of the eagle to surmount all difficulties. They will be happy to find that there are now millions of people all over the earth ready and eager to rise and join them in conquering all barriers that bar the way to a new and glorious world! We have had enough of talk. Let there be deeds.

“The morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Job, 38:7

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