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Posted on May 21st, 2016 by Don Cerow


This Moon Mail is being launched as the Full Moon aligns with Mars, and we are at our closest approach to Mars in a Sun Mars opposition, with the Earth caught between the two. We are therefore closer to Mars than at any other time in its two-year orbit. Over this weekend, both the Sun and Moon are pumping the Red Planet, flushing its forceful tides throughout the land.

Translation? The Full Moon is illuminating, highlighting, emphasizing and triggering Martial events. One has only to pick up the paper to determine what the current ‘news’ is. Since we’re back in Massachusetts, we’re looking at The Boston Globe this morning rather than the New York Times.

The Church is still settling abuse cases, as claims continue.

“The Catholic church paid $153 million in the United States last year to settle lawsuits, and fielded hundreds of new accusations, as fallout continued from the clergy sex abuse scandal exposed in the early 2000s, a new report from church leaders say.”

“The annual report from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which covers July 2014 to June 2015, said 384 victims came forward with allegations the church deemed credible.”

Between 1950 and the end of June 2015, about $3.5 billion was spent on settlement-related costs by US church officials, according to the church.

In another story, a suspect drew a gun on the police after calling and speaking to them, hoping that they would fatally respond.

“The 36-year–old Methuen resident hoped police would shoot him when he allegedly drew a pellet gun on four city detectives who went to his apartment Thursday night to ask him about an armed robbery that day, authorities said Friday…”

“After the robbery, Dobbins saw his photo on Facebook and called police, telling them he would meet with investigators at his apartment because he could not get a ride to the station, officials have said. When detectives arrived, Dobbins met them in the parking lot and allegedly touched off the violent episode.”

“Thankfully, he’s going to live,” Methuen Police Chief Joseph Soloman said. “That’s a good thing, that no one has to live with taking a life.”

Another local story awards the French Legion of Honor on Friday at the Boston Athenaeum to a US soldier for his bravery in World War II, over seventy years ago.

“German troops were closing in on the young American soldier on the French battlefield during World War II, sending a wave of machine gun bullets his way. He was trying to throw a grenade but was struck in the back by a piece of artillery shell, which he says went right through him.”

Frank Polewarczyk survived the December 9, 1944, battle near the Moder River in northeast France by acquiring medical assistance from a passing regiment.

“He was very courageous, ” the consulate general of France in Boston Valery Freland said. “We do think that he is a hero, like a lot of veterans. They are still our heroes.”

And in part of the on-going series about what Bill Cosby did and did not do in relation to a suit that seven women have brought against him about drugging them with alcohol and Quaaludes in order to have sex against their will. His wife gave testimony under deposition in late February, but the information has been sealed until now.

“Camille Cosby, wife of the embattled entertainer Bill Cosby, testified that she had no knowledge that her husband allegedly gave women drugs and had sex with them, according to federal court documents released Friday.”

“The women allege that Bill Cosby, 78, assaulted them decades ago and then called them liars after they went public with their allegations more recently. ”

These are various tales from the wide spectrum of events that come under the realm of Mars. Sexual abuse of boys by the Catholic Church, a charade of pulling a pellet gun in the hopes that one would be fatally shot, a WWII hero in an overdue ceremony and celebrity rape.

And of course, nothing is news these days unless there’s some mention of Donald Trump.

Another red-headed Martial guy.

Our clues haven’t even made it past page five.

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