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Posted on July 9th, 2017 by Don Cerow

      In examining this Full Moon, what immediately jumps out is the recent nationalistic sentiment being stirred up by President Trump, of his representing the patriotic fervor of ‘Making America great again’. It was enough to tap a vein of enthusiasm within the country so that it got him elected.

This is the Sun in Cancer end of our alignment.

The only problem is that this may not play well in Peoria (he said, mixing his metaphors).  According to Peter S. Goodman from the NYTimes (July 7, 2017) and Michael Birnbaum of the Washington Post (July 8, 2017),

As U.S. Steps Back on Trade. Allies Move On

LONDON – In the master plan advanced by President Trump, an unabashedly aggressive United States is supposed to reclaim its rightful perch as the center of the commercial universe, wielding its economic dominance to dictate the rules of global trade. 

      As it turns out, the rest of the planet has its own ideas.

At G-20. top world leaders align against policies of US president

HAMBURG, Germany – The growing international isolation of the United States under President Trump was starkly apparent Friday as the leaders of major world economies mounted a near-united opposition front against Washington on issues ranging from climate to free trade. 

      At a gathering of the Group of 20 world economic powers- normally a venue for drab displays of international comity- there were tough clashes with the United States and even talk of a possible trans-Atlantic trade war. 

      The tensions were a measure of Trump’s sharp break with previous US policies. 

      They were also a warning signal of Washington’s diminished clout, as the leaders of the other 19 nations gathered in Hamburg considered whether to sign statements that would exclude Trump or to find some sort of compromise.

So with the Sun in Cancer at one end of the spectrum and 19 nations at the other end, we find the current tug of war happening right on cue. But there’s another US Full Moon aspect that’s being played out.

One of the alignments currently riding through the sky but not mentioned too much is the Jupiter Neptune inconjunct, each at 14 degrees (of Libra and Pisces). This is an aspect that tends to drain our resources. Libra gives power to the ‘other’ one, pulling from his own energy in an effort to equalize the pan of the scales. Pisces is other-worldly and dreamy. Together these two are triggering the US Saturn, with Jupiter right on top of Saturn, less than a third of a degree from exact.

Saturn is the big boss, and while found in the 10th house, this doubles the influence of this same interpretation. But Saturn rules Capricorn, and wherever Capricorn is to be found in the chart would be an area also impacted by this draining alignment.

The 2nd house represents the country’s resources, their finances, and this alignment would suggest our economy is about to take a hit, thanks to the president (Saturn).

Trade war indeed.


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