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Posted on February 3rd, 2015 by Don Cerow


Well, WEBHeads, it’s time once again to tell the truth. In our December 21st edition of the Capricorn New Moon Mail in a section entitled ‘Putin it Mildly’, we discussed the historical precedent of how this energy manifested for General Washington at Valley Forge as the progressed US Sun exactly squared our natal Saturn, providing us with an insight as to what this combination was all about. These events had powerful implications for Washington later as president.  We then went on to show how the first two triggers (out of a series of five) of transiting Pluto opposing the US Sun had already occurred last year in 2014, setting off this natal configuration, and we went back to examine precisely what had manifested under those dates from the New York Times.

From that edition of the WEB:

In different ways, both the Sun and Saturn deal with our father figure. Saturn is more of the disciplinarian, sitting on a throne of stone, while the Sun is more often the expressive, loving father. Each of these planets can also represent the president, the nation’s father figure. In a hard aspect to each other, these themes are not easily integrated, they don’t naturally meld. The president does not really have enough time (Sun square Saturn), to make effective change during his term in office and is in a weakened position. Even if he receives a second four-year term, the legislative check Congress has on the executive makes it difficult to move disagreements through to legislation. Politically, he is at some disadvantage.

All of that is history.

But we also said that this alignment would occur three more times through 2015, on January 4th, August 18th, and October 31st.

Now January 4th is history.

So what happened?

As implied, we now have a Democratic president and a Republican Congress. This makes it even more difficult for the president to see legislation through than it was last year. At that time there was much rancor between a democratically controlled House, and it has spilled over into the new 113th Congress that opened shortly after noon on the first Thursday of the new year.

The Senate is broken,” said Senator Jeff Merkley, a democrat from Oregon.

Keeping tabs

Some House members kept a tally of protest votes against Speaker John A. Boehner during the leadership vote on Thursday. Mr. Boehner won narrowly.                                                                                                                       -NYT Photo

   “. . . leaders of both parties in both chambers tried to strike a note of comity after the struggles of a Congress (last year) marred by acrimony almost to its final minutes.”

. . . discord was on plain display when the roll call vote for speaker as Mr. Boehner weathered defections from . . . members of both parties.”

Mr. Boehner is, of course, the newly re-elected speaker of the house and ruling party. But . . . “in the Senate as well, hard feelings from the old Congress were reverberating in the new.”

“The agenda laid out by both Mr. Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader in the Senate, jibed well with the demands of small-government conservatives who have complained that neither leader has been sufficiently confrontational with Mr. Obama.”

So that’s the collective Congressional agenda; to be more confrontational!?

During the first two passes of Pluto to the US Sun last year the president was wrestling externally with the crisis in the Crimea.

Under this pass, the foundation is being laid internally for a national confrontation with the president through the upcoming session, in a house already divided among its members.

To repeat:

“. . . the legislative check Congress has on the executive makes it difficult to move disagreements through to legislation.”

Stay tuned. Let’s monitor how well they do through the upcoming session. There’s two more passes to come.

(All quotes, unless otherwise noted, are from the NYT, January 3rd, 2015 article, “Boehner Retains Speaker’s Post“)


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