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Posted on August 18th, 2016 by Don Cerow

In a few days, on August 26th, transiting Uranus will square the US Mercury. This is the second, or retrograde pass, of the series of three alignments that is in the midst of playing itself out. By taking a look at what happened on the days leading up to this combination as it made its first alignment on July 2nd, 2016, we can glean a better understanding of what may transpire with the next two passes.

What does Uranus squaring Mercury mean generically, for anybody? Basically it suggests that folks on opposing sides will be of two different minds, but that they radically stand behind in the principles embraced by their own belief systems. This can generate heated discussions, fierce controversy and inflamed rhetoric. Your ideologies and opinions are being looked at from an alternative point of view (he said diplomatically). Communications, transportation systems and agreements may be thrown under the bus.

What in fact was taking place at the end of June and beginning of July? ISIS was all over the news. First, Turkey was starting to be looked at as a conduit, a path for revolutionaries to pass through Turkey on their way to joining ISIS. (NYT June 29, 2016). Also, on the same day the Times reported that the ISIS stronghold in Surt, a city in Libya, was being strongly contested. At that time the territorial advantages and gains that had been being won by ISIS were in marked decline, but only after intense fighting.

Also reported by the TImes, on July 1st, Bangladeshi troops were breaking up a hostage standoff.

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Bangladeshi Army troops moved in on Saturday to end an 11-hour standoff at a restaurant in Dhaka, the capital, after gunmen stormed into the building, detonated explosives and took at least 20 people hostage on Friday night.

Gunfire and explosions could be heard as the soldiers, backed by armored vehicles, swept into the restaurant in the city’s diplomatic district at 7:40 a.m. on Saturday…

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on Friday.

On three of the four days leading into July 2nd, ISIS was active in different ways, in different locations. Through Turkey, Libya and Bangladesh the Aquarian themes of revolution were in evidence.

On April 9th, 2017, Uranus will return for its third and final pass and we will better understand just where this path is headed.

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