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US Pluto Return

Posted on June 10th, 2021 by Don Cerow

      Through the course of 2022 the US will experience a particularly potent series of alignments. Pluto will go through its Pluto return, meaning that it will return to the position it was in at the birth of the nation. Mythically speaking Pluto is the ruler of death and the underworld, the Lord of Shades, suggesting that some component of our country’s reality will die and be reborn.

      Since the US Pluto is in the second house of our natal chart this would indicate that our economy will be the chief area of focus, but it’s not limited to that. Because Pluto is at 27 degrees and 33 minutes of Capricorn this would include our government. Because Pluto rules Scorpio (located on the cusp of the US twelfth house), much that is hidden will come to the surface. Both individuals and corporations will be exposed in the tarnished light. Dirty laundry will get caught with its pants down.

      Due to retrograde motion this Pluto Pluto alignment will occur three times through 2022; on February 20th, July 11th, and December 28th. Each will represent a layer of a rotten onion. Three successive waves will soak our metaphorical shores anchored on these dates. In addition, Pluto will contraparallel Saturn on May 7, 2023, which will have some of the same effect. 
      With all the payouts our economy has been making against our credit, what with the stimulus checks and the cost of the vaccine, we had better hope that there are no new crises around the corner. The problem is that with these alignments there is likely to be new crises around the corner.  

      We don’t want to run the well dry. Ransomware may be a new piece of the fiscal puzzle.

      Closer to home on June 14 Saturn and Uranus will square each other, facilitating our break with the past. All the changes we have been going through, what with the lockdown and the learning of new computer technologies have been Aquarius in-bound.

      This square will sever a few more ties we have with outdated habits and rituals. Just how that manifests may be different for each of us.

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