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USA IN 2017

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by Don Cerow

Taking a look at the national map (horoscope) reveals some of the choreography of what we are going through as a country and when. For now we’ll start with January and look at some of the principle aspects into mid-May. Remember that these are waves of energy, building into the dates indicated, then winding down in the days thereafter.

On the 10th of January, before the inauguration, transiting Saturn squared Neptune. Since Neptune is at the top of the chart, conjunct (right next to) the US Midheaven, people were depressed about the executive and government in general, both issues ruled by the Midheaven. Over the next few months both Neptune and the Midheaven will be repeatedly triggered, reigniting these same themes. On the 10th, Trump received an unsubstantiated report that Russia had damaging information about him. While unproven, Neptune lends an aura of doubt and uncertainty that under the square, a hard aspect

Unsubstantiated information (Neptune). They don’t really know (subconscious).

Let’s see how and when.

On the 27th (today), Saturn (24 Sag) inconjuncted the US Mercury (24 Cancer). Hard decisions are being make regarding the president’s advisers and cabinet appointments. Governmental and public policy will be crafted with these choices. This impacts not only today (when the Mexican president canceled his planed visit to meet with Trump largely over issues regarding the wall being built along the border and the upcoming meeting with the new British PM Brexit and NATO), but also over the last few days, each with their own agenda.

On January 30th, the US progressed Midheaven (in Capricorn) will trine the progressed Pluto (in Taurus). This is actually a very nice aspect to form an administration under, and next Monday we should see a move that actually works out quite well for the new administration, could be a real savings, or may tap some underutilized resource. The will to see this through is there and will facilitate the ease of moving this legislation through. Since these two are making this aspect in the 29th (final) degree of each of their respective signs, this is the completion of some long term project that has been being worked on for some time. It represents the end of an era in business, but should be quite lucrative for those at the top.

On the 2nd and 3rd of February, people are bummed while the administration is bruised. Chiron is opposing Neptune (again on the Midheaven), and then Saturn squares the Midheaven. People are feeling tender about imagined slights, of how they’re not being represented by the people at the top. The latter aspect suggests some bureaucratic boo-boo, a toe-stubber that is very difficult to see through to completion.

On March 7th Uranus will inconjunct Neptune (again, conjunct the Midheaven), suggesting that the people (Uranus) are feeling deeply uncomfortable with administrative directions (he said diplomatically). There’s a sudden shift in governmental perceptions. The changes make some feel nauseous. As with any of these Neptunian aspects, the folks involved are unaware (subconscious or below the level of awareness) of how strongly these themes are impacting those targeted.

We’ll look at three aspects in April, on the 9th, 16th and 21st. On the 9th transiting Uranus squares the US natal Mercury. Mis-information is being fed, or something that was said is being corrected. Worse is the possibility that people know (Uranus) what is being communicated, but they stick by it anyway.

On the 16th, transiting Neptune is trining the US Sun. This suggests the leader is standing in the spotlight, warmed by his own glow. There is a sense of satisfaction and the feeling that you are being guided by God. People can be much more empathetic to the needs of others at this time.

On the 21st Uranus inconjuncts the Midheaven and the people are directly challenging the administration. There is a switch in direction from the top. This could be a new administrator or simply a new philosophy about how to run a business (in this case, the country). In either case this could be a sudden and radical shift from the way things have been.

Finally on the 9th of May, the progressed Sun will semi-square the natal US Pluto in the 2nd house (finances and emotional securities). The Sun in Pisces is sad about the way our resources are disappearing. The economy is taking a hit.

These are not the only aspects occurring at this time, but they should represent some of the more powerful themes at work for the country and the administration into the spring. Most of the transits dealt with the outer planets, those farther from the Sun (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). For those who do not understand these alignments, simply step over them and listen to the translation to what they mean and look to them to arise generally on the day of, or the day before the aspects becomes exact.

The more you observe (Mercury), the more you will learn (Uranus).

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