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Posted on March 6th, 2019 by Don Cerow

This year we have a host of alignments coming up that are putting the country into a very difficult position. Their purpose is to help determine who we really are as a people. We have already seen some of these aspects unfold, but there’s more to come.

Both secondary progressions and transits are the tools I principally use to read the present, past and future. Astrology becomes an instrument where we can genuinely learn from the past. By transit (where the planets really are in the sky), when Pluto inconjuncted Mars the government shutdown ended, but it’s influence was not limited to the exact day it aligned. The shutdown began before the holidays and dragged on until the date of its exact alignment. Even then, when the fiscal taps were turned back on there were those who did not get paid for additional week or two. Some are still attempting to correct the fiscal hits they had to take. Others will never be compensated. There is an additional aspect that plays into this theme on June 21st of this year (transiting Pluto contraparalleling natal Mars).

On February 15, the secondary progressed Venus squared Pluto and the president threw in the towel about trying to get money out of Congress, declaring a national emergency, hoping to rearrange monies already allocated to various federal departments. That was a Friday. By Monday, sixteen states had joined together to sue the president, together with a few other non-state agencies.

We have already identified August as a particularly turbulent month for the president and for the country. Certainly it will be a low point for both, one during which legal and financial matters will be hitting a nadir.

On August 5th, Pluto will make its second pass to the Martial inconjunct. During its first past the president ‘was not afraid’ of taking responsibility for the shutdown.

On August 10th, the progressed Moon will oppose the natal US Sun, forming what is commonly called a Full Moon. This is not what you will see in the sky, but rather is a part of the nation’s internal clock. Emotional tensions will be at a peak, overruling reasoned deliberations. People will be following their ‘gut’.

Also on August 10th, the progressed Sun will inconjunct the US natal Saturn. Either this or the Full Moon would be enough on their own to be worthy of note. Occurring as they do, together, suggest dire circumstances that have exploded. Both the Sun and Saturn rule hierarchical figures, those who rule over us, but in addition Saturn rules over the US second house. With this one the financial markets will be really taking a drubbing.

Finally, the progressed US Venus will be leaving Aries and entering Taurus on August 31st. Something is coming to a conclusion and impacting the market, our work force and our allies. Congress will find its powers being realigned.

The party is over. It’s time for a new beginning.

But there is at least one additional aspect that we should examine, and this returns to the Plutonic combinations we started with. On March 21st, the progressed US Sun will semisquare the progressed US Pluto. As we have seen on January 23rd and February 15, aspects to Pluto stimulates ambition and the desire for control of power. People will do anything to remove obstacles from their path. Extreme elements are employed. Obsessions become obvious to those who are observing. Elemental forces such as pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath and intimidation are used with the increasing applications of ruthlessness. In particular the financial market, and in particular especially the housing market may be in the crosshairs.

These are some of the heavy hitters that will be unfolding on the nation’s stage throughout the spring and summer. Naturally, there are other, alignments (like to Saturn) but these are among the most powerful to the trained astrologer’s eye.

Stay tuned.

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