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Winter Solstice of 2020

Posted on October 1st, 2020 by Don Cerow

      An ingress is when a planet crosses the threshold into a new sign. This is most often used when the Sun crosses over one of the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Scorpio, marking the start of spring, summer, fall or winter.

The planetary patterns at work at the moment of an ingress are thought to be especially powerful, influencing the season, or, in the case of the Sun, even the year ahead. This is when the Sun, or other planet, hits zero degrees.

      Astrologers have been looking at the Winter Solstice of 2020 for quite some time. It has transformation written all over it. By definition, the Sun is at zero degrees of Capricorn, but Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn are also at zero degrees of Capricorn and Aquarius respectively. The asteroid Juno is at zero degrees of Sagittarius.

      Before the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were the outermost visible planets and were used for long term social calibrations. They were thought, in roughly two-hundred and fifty years blocks, to signal a change in administration. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Pisces of 7 BC is thought to have brought out the three wise men (astrologers) to pay homage to the birth of the Christ child, or at least that’s what Kepler thought.

      The Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Aquarius of 2020 is thought to be one of the stepping stones leading us into the New Age. The problem is that this same chart also has Mars squaring Pluto within a degree. Some people are going to be really angry at this time and loss of life is a distinct possibility. 

      Both the Ones, and our own conscience suggest that this would be good times to slow down, moderate, and say some prayers for the Earth and her children. We are partners in the co-creation of the planet. Use these times and dates to help, as these will be some of the times that are most sensitive.   

      Bring a friend.

                  A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE

The angels watch out over me. I try to keep them busy. 

      In the WEB, we look a some of the events going on in the press and show how they are a reflection of what’s happening in the sky. 

      Heaven sings Hallelujah and Hallelujah the Earth replies.  

      But at the same time that social circumstance are a reflection of these themes, so too do they impact us on an individual level. I’ve been doing Pilades Monday, Wednesday and Friday and walking an hour on the ‘off’ days. But my old friend Georgia convinced me that I should walk even on M-W-Fr as Pilades was not really cardiovascular, even if I only did it for a half hour. The logic seemed rational and so I dutifley set out one evening in the dark, flashlight in hand, to alert oncoming cars that there was a body here.

      All went well until the end of the trip. I was twenty yards from my driveway (see top right corner of picture) when my ankle rolled on the edge of the road-dirt siding. I went down pretty hard between the rock and the road. My head literally bounced off the ground, splitting my lip and spreading the dirt across face, shirt and jeans. There hadn’t been any cars coming and therefore I had had the flashlight turned off.   
      Fools rush in, etc.   
      Like any good astrologer I immediately looked at the time, and later the chart of the moment it happened. The Moon and Saturn, in Capricorn, had just conjuncted and were pulling away from the Midheaven, one of the real trigger points of chart selection. Saturn and Capricorn (an earth sign) rule rocks. How close was I? From the ground I reached out with my left arm to help push myself back up again from the ground using the rock as leverage. None of this could be seen in the dark of night. 
      That’s how close.
      But this is where the blessings came in. Other than the dirt and split lip, I was fine. Using Martha’s skin cream, the scab is gone, the teeth are fine and the lip is back to normal. Had my head been a little more to the left or right would not have been a good thing. I hit the dirt. As of this writing everything has healed and the way is clear for the angels to kiss that special spot where they come with their blessings every night.

         Love and Learn,

            Blessings to All.


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